Friday, February 15, 2013

SL fashion week Cycle 5 - {{Stylister Necklace} } + post modern belt + {{fashion icon boots}} from {{BSD Design studio}}

Model and photographer + designer 
babcyhampagne sass

necklace// {{BSD Design studio}} Stylister necklace ( mother part)-upper part
nacklace 2 // {{BSD Design Studio}} Stylister necklace ( child part)  -lower part
Belt// {{BSD Design Studio}}post-modern belt - shinning black
Boots// {{Fashion icon boots }} -white zebra

Dear friends and stylisters in sl, 
here we have 3 new items for SL fashion week cycle5 !! 

Another exciting cycle has come! all items 70% under 250L !! even for the bootssss.. 

mesh necklace set , {{Stylister necklace }} mother and child set. 
+ 2 styles of Boots, with and without fur + rigged-mesh Belts comes with 2 colours .

SL Fashion week starts at 1pm Friday 1/15 SLT! 

xoxo <3333
Happy weekend !! shopping spreeee 

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