Thursday, March 7, 2013

{{Serendipity}}at SL Fashion week08 Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}}-

Raw pic for shoes,
photographer + designer 
Babychampagne sass

Dear all,
This is another new exclusive original mesh creations for SL fashion week08. This time, we have 6 original designs.
This week, i have designed 6 items for Sl fashion week, the Bubblegum Bag- {{Fashion Model Traveller}} with 2 styles of leather, solid or transparent, comes with 4 model handbag poses.. Yay .. i finally made some poses for you guys , so no need to search for handbag poses !! lol

6 items from {{BSD Design Studio}} as followed:-
1.{{Fashion model Traveller}}-brown bubblegum and vinyl plastic bag with purse inside
2.{{Fashion model Traveller}}Purple croco leather and vinyl plastic bag with purse inside
3.{{Fashion model Traveller}}Black Croco leather and vinyl plastic bag with purse inside
4. {{Serendipity}}-purple trio 
5.{{Serendipity}}-cyan black trio 
6.{{Pegasus}}necklace -golden yellow

The transparent one with a small clutch purse inside. See ?? wkakakkaak i love detailing lol ... 

the other posts with the new Shoes {{ Serendipity}}- Cyan black -trio and purple -trio. 

Coming sooon on Friday 3/9 1pm SLt. 

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