Sunday, November 17, 2013

{{Shoetopia Fair }} second life 2013 . featuring the best original mesh shoes designers , in the grids.

photographer on left up.down pics = Quan lavender - curator of SL India Gallery
photographer of the right - Miss Virtual world Miss Hong kong 2013, Rehana Seljian
layout by Babychampange sass 

Dear friends and supermodels,
how r u this week, happy weekend, wish you good health and happiness.

Last friday, the shoe fair has open its door with some of the best shoe designers in second life. {{BSD Design stuido}} has the honour to be invited to join the event, and please come and have a look if u are a shoe diva . This venue is beautifully done with the concept of Shoe heaven. 


2 new releases from {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh creations from scratch, to 3d modelling to texture baked discounted at the event exclusively. 

1- {{Shoetopia supermodel }} with the floating ribbons concept with the symbolic meaning of freedom and happiness, 
2- {{shoetopia Surreal }} inspired by the second life Artist with the creative Surrealism sim design and for SL artist to decorate themselves with an artistic twist. Inspired by the Dada years of surrealism art work. with the tree formed bird feets and sand dunes, with the abstract antelope skull and abstract tree shadows. in Dali's art work . 

Have fun and have a great week ! 

Indulge with some shoes  , you deserve a good treat in this hectic world<3333 

love you all for all support<33
i felt lucky to have met such alot of talents in second life with kind heart and open mind and energy and always with the positive thinking even in ups and downs moments <33

special thanks to Rehana and Quan for these beautiful pics with their crazy work schedules. 


Babychampagne sass 

Stay COOL!! 

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