Tuesday, January 14, 2014

{{BSD Design studio}}Featured at COSMETIC FAIR winter edition opens on 1. 15 with 5 Exculsives make up sets

Dear friends and supermodels,
Sorry to inform you that i may not be online as frequent as before, sadly i
have found the lumps inside my right breast and micro-calcification on left one.
through my first annual mammogram check.  Idont know that it can happens to 20s and 30s age.

the Mammogram result shows the early stage of the breast cancer cells, and need
to be removed as soon as possible.

thank you for your warm regards and support, i will be strong and fight the cancer and luckily i found it at early stage and it is not fatal. However, with the unexpected shock at young age, i have the financial burden on the surgery cost, {{BSD Design studio}} is Now at 50% sale and hopefully can help abit on the surgery fee in near future. Please please please check breast on daily basis, i dont'know that the lumps can be developed at 20s and 30s of age. and after finding the hard lump on my left breast, i went to see the dr with mammogram scanned and found this shocking news. luckily it can be cured at early stage and one moment i found the death is being so close. the steoreostatic core needle biopsy showned abnormal cells developed in the breast structure and if i found it at later stage while it can developed to big tumor size and the % of survival rate will be greatly reduced. IT is not painful and NO syndrom if you dont' check it carefully, I was just doing my annual body check when the nurse told me the shocking news which i  need to see the dr urgently. stay away from high pressure environment, work load, stay away from unhealthy food such as chicken wings, which has alot of bad hormanes in it, stay away from chips and coke ... .and those can cause cancer too, must work out daily , at least 4 hours a week. Stay away from BBQ food and red meat, those toxics inside can cause your life. Brocolli, eat alot of vegetables, and red plants, fruits ,berries can help!
God bless me and god bless you !

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Thanks again for those supporters who has come to my shop and support me, and those warm regards!
thanks alot , i felt beloved and I will stay strong and fight this cancer!

Every 8 women,1 got breast cancer rate is shocking! and Take care of yourself and remember DO have BODY checkup annually !!  i m lucky to find this in early early stage !

k , back to this cosmetic Fair 2014 winter edition,  i have created 5 sets of make up for you and hope u like them , 

the show and expo begins at 1/ 15 . 


please have a mammogram check ! 

What causes breast cancer?
While we do not yet know what exactly causes breast cancer, we understand that certain risk factors are linked to the disease. A risk factor for breast cancer is something that affects your chance of getting the disease. According to the Breast Cancer Facts in Hong Kong Report No. 3 Report, the risk factors that 5,393 local breast cancer patients share are:

72.5% lacked exercise( they had less than 3 hours of exercise each week)
59.8% had no breast feeding
35.2% were overweight or obese
36.1 % were under high level of stress

Superfood to fight cancer : 
red cabbage
nuts, wallnut. 
grape fruit juice etc.. 
more details on the web site 

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