Friday, November 23, 2012

{{ singer ICon Fair }} starts NOW 24//11

model, stylist, photograhper n' designer
Babychampagne Sass
Hi there.. there is another exciting Fair going on in many events on this thanksgiving day! Happy thanksgiving btw. !! ^^
The singer icon fair is to pay tribute to the pop stars who gave us joy through their music, and each of the designer will pick an icon as inspiration for the design.n me , pick the Lady gaga, who is a Diva for unique shoes in real life. and the inspiration came from the beijing olympic stadium - birdnest. with the dynamic geometry of the shoe base under the velvet shoe sole and skin. all made from scratch idea, and 3d software , as u may not know, {{BSD design studio}} is opt for unique design and original is the key design intention without using template. so you can't find another one exact shoes in second life ! ENJOY and be UNIQUE!! all the sexy gorgesou friends !!
LIMO here : it starts in few hours .. on 24.11  COME and see alot of shops around 60 shops! and live DJ, alot of free gifts !! have fun !! see you there <3333

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