Sunday, December 9, 2012

{{Flying high}} Featuring winter festival

{{Flying high}} Featuring winter festival by Babychampagne
{{Flying high}} Featuring winter festival, a photo by Babychampagne on Flickr.

On Left
Model, stylist & photographer
Sookie Corbeau
( winner of photographer  L accessoires cycle Nov)
On right,
photographer N' Designer
Babychampagne sass
Dear friends and fashionistas!
so happy to see all of you here in Sl. and this item is Exclusive item created for winter fair - winter collection ( total 3 )
the inspiration is from meeting the A-list celebrities in SL, the popular avs and those we enjoy meeting and be inspired and get inspired!
so this design is named after the A-list celebrity in Sl. and delicated to their hardwork and creations/ contribution / awareness/ fighting for justice etc..
so GRAP one yours ! A-list celebrity is for YOU !  They are perfect for your RED carpet catwalk!
Babychampange sass
Details / map blogged :"
Limo for you :"

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