Thursday, April 4, 2013

SL fashion week - exclusive{{Sunglass- OliviaP}} featuring {{BSD Design studio}}

hello, all trend setters , 
This week sl fashion week, new exclusive original mesh sunglass - {{sunglass-OliviaP}} with cat eye shaped comes with 6 different colours for you , REady for the Spring time with some outdoor activities with your love? This sunglass set comes with 2 shades, - indoor glass and outdoor glass with different reflections.  

Enjoy your spring time with these fashionable sunglasses.. perfect for all kinds of face shape! ! <3 333

SL fashion week starts on Friday 1 pmSLT- all items are  70% JUST for ONE week !! 

Landmark here = > TELEPORT HERE

on Anne's outfit  ( AVENUE fashion show item) ;
[ZE] Rhianna mini 9abstrac) by ZzoieZee  ,Teleport  Teleport => Avenue Fashion show gallery
hair// Vanity Hair: Bitter Sweet
necklace // Stylister necklace by {{BSD Design studio}} at {{BSD Design studio}} Mainshop

on Gia's outfit ( AVENUE fashion show item)
[ZE]Shena Coat-sexy suit by Zzoiezee, Teleport => Avenue Fashion show gallery
hair//::Exile:: Crazy in Love

on Reah's outfit
[ZE]Shena Pants and top onex -  by Zzoiezee, Teleport => Avenue Fashion show gallery
necklace // tremdcaster gold ( on request)  {{BSD Design studio}} Mainshop
hair// ICONIC - chaka

on Babychampagne 's outfit
[ZE] Ellysa ( night) - by Zzoiezee,- Teleport => Avenue Fashion show gallery'
hair//[e] Looking - Essentials Collection

On Olivia 's coutfit
RaMa RoWanberry - No Explanation Dress Teleport => RaMa
necklace // pegasus {{BSD Design studio}}-{{BSD Design studio}} Mainshop
hair//Eaters Coma - HAIR 09

On louisa ' outfit
::LC:: Asymetrical Dress/Lola Appliers [Ruby] - Teleport here => LETHAL
hair//::Exile:: Stay the Night

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