Friday, April 26, 2013

{{Stay Cool Model }} by {{BSD Design Studio}}

Dear super models and trendsetters, all my second life friends,

love you all ,this week , we have 3 new exclusive original mesh, one is girls 's best friend, stiletto shoes,
you will never  have to many shoes, if your man tells you that u have too many shoes, he doesn't know anything about girls .

- this {{ Stay cool model }} is inspired by my life motto {{ stay coo l}} even shit happnes lol .
stay cool , even things don't come out right, tomorrow is another day , that is the quote from my all time fav movie - " gone with the wind ' what scarlet said , when gabo decided to leave her . so no matter what happens , just stay cool ! lol

love you all, all the friends i met in second life means so much to me , and someone comes to your life for a lesson, some comes as blessings. and I m lucky to have you all ! <3 33333333
you are the best ever happened to me in second life <3333

thank you <3
Hang in there , my friend , !

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