Sunday, June 2, 2013

Funny Puppet Fair 2013 -- {{BSD Design studio}} sparkie pet attachment

Dear friends ,

This year, funny puppet Fair , opens at 1pm slt Today!! many cute items and new store in the fair.
and i have made " sparkie" inspired by Tim burton's movie,  with 3 sizes in ONE pack only 200L . with Size as Pet attachment on Shoulder, without script nor particle. and lag free. This is to pay tribute to my beloved dog- pebble who passed away4 years ago, aged 12, while she was sufferring liver cancer, and I still miss her alot ... whenever i think of "funny"things, i always think of her, coz' she means so much to me, the most adorable pet in my life and a companion that can understand me and my feeling, I think she is really a special dog, if i have the machine in this Tim burton's film i really wanna bring her back to me.  So cherish your love before too late.

miss you so much my dearest pebble!

landmark to Funny Puppet Fair> Funny Puppet TELEPORT HERE

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