Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Winners this month {{ BSD Design studio}} Trend setters VIP

Dear trend setters,
Congratulations !! we have 1650 subscribers and 650 members in this month, yayaaaa!! and INVITE more friends to join and gain more credits !!
JOIN VIP can have 5 % discount on every purchase, don't forget to check the credits balance at the mainstore customer service - Counter, and u can buy more credits to buy the regular price of shoes, and good news is you have refund back 5 % as store credits even purchase at the discount events! so don't forget to join VIP Group !  ( the FREE group fee is Over , and join group fee is 200L)

EACH month ( 10 winners) PRIZES :

Join Group to get the chance to win free fatpack and store credits 5000L each month, also, member number reach 10000 will have a 10000L Cash lucky draw !
Gain 100L store credit to bring friends to join .
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<33 Happy Summer Break!!!!!

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