Friday, August 16, 2013

{{Japanese bettle Bag}} fr {{BSD Design studio}} at SL FASHION WEEK new round 8 16 @ 1 pm slt !>3

Dear supermodels, and friends, 

How are you , did u survive the tornado on facebook page? I felt so funny seeing all posting RL pic and suddenly all go back sl images lol, i heard that you dont' need to post real life pic and just need to input the real ID name on the general account setting and prooving that it is not an autobolt but a human behind the account. <3 

we always have SL bugsss and friends lost items or notecard whenever i sent to them, also, these bags are inspired by the real life japanese beetle... and hope u like them lol 

your private jet to SL FASHION week -=== > << TELEPORT HERE >>

SL fashion week opens on FRIDAY 8.16 at 1pm slt <3

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