Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I love fashion

Model & photographer 
Babychampagne sass

hair//* Baiastice-Arisa hair attachment
coat//* ** DIRAM ** GIFT - MEGAN COAT - Fushia *( free)
top//[VG] - Ultimate Scarf Pack (20 Scarves)
top2//.::ZE::.House of Couture~Allysa Top [GRASS]
scarf//[VG] - Ultimate Scarf Pack (20 Scarves)-purple
shoes//{{BSD design studio}} Yeriak Ankle boots @ L'accessoires event venue

scene setting
House // 50L promotion -1. Scarlet Creative - Promises
curtain//Full Perm Curtains -02
day bedset//:CP: Old Saybrook Daybed
center table //:CP: Old Saybrook Daybed Chest 
plants//1. Scarlet Creative - Promises
table accessoires//:CP: Old Saybrook Daybed Accessories  
Lights//{{BSD}}WALK-IN CLOSET SET -Truffle lamp2@{{BSD Design Studio}}
plant on cupboard//PILOT - Larkin Set - Cactus Plant
rug//:CP: Old Saybrook Hemp Rug (Copy)
plant 3//Dutchie Lavender pot
plant 4//Tropical - Yucca -Snake Tongue -Mature- Tall1
pot//{{BSD- Design Studio}}- Chinese Vase blue
pet//Pettable Boston Terrier for Women


  1. thank you to babychamagne, its really nice and great blog and i like it very much, i find it very helpful and informative, hope that you will keep it up

  2. thank you so much for your kind comment nazia, glad you like my blog.. will do more and share news in second life. LOL <333