Friday, October 11, 2013

{{BSD Design studio}} inserarch of SUPERMODELS for vendor pics.

Dear supermodels,
how r u doing !

wanna be a supermodels for {{BSD Design studio}} vendors with your face all over the grid on every events?

this is the moment to show your talent and your beautiful face to the world.

how to apply ?
answer is simple:

Grab the latest {{BSD Design studio}} shoes released in oct.
can see the flickr date to see if your shoes are qualified .

and then take a snap shot with your stunning look and styling. and POST on the FLICKR GROUP
here: with the title

{{BSD Design studio}} INsearch of supermodels for VENDOR pics .

wala , you are done. nd wait fo the annocement in NOV1st.

Wanna see your face across the grids in ALL events.
Taxi to mainshop :
Result will be announced in the above group and blog on Nov1st.

to be fair to everyone, the supermodels in the BSD Design studio group can't join this event.

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