Sunday, December 22, 2013

Living room chocolate corner and kitchen ,dining area

Details - 
Living Room Piano COrner
Toronto-Industrial clock
LISP Lullaby Flower Arrangement-10L bazaar
LISP - Candy Basket-10L bazaar 
{{BSD Design studio}} gatcha - xmas carol sets + rare (sizes)
LISP - Candy Basket
LISP - Piano with sits  - Noir Wood (with music)
PILOT - Lilac Tray
-Hanaya- Aloe Plant in Square Planter
*Tatty Soup* Slipper Orchid (purple)
Summer 24 chair-Leather
Bark- Fancy Little End Table MESH - Old Silver

[Aphrodite] "Couples Comfy Xmas"  Deco Stockings A
LISP - Anna Wood Basket Dark
"Glowing Warm Christmas"  Fireplace (Menu)
EoD Hunting Lodge Decor Deer wall 3 (2012hunt)

[Aphrodite}<Heart Homes> Christmas Family Tree 1.2
LUXus Train sound/smoke small ( POE 6 hunt domus)
Dining rooom 
Toronto-Bedroom Industrial art1
MEP POE 6 Gift
+Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Grey Owl)
Cobblestone - Doors & Drawers Cabinet (R)
.:: ONE GRID ::. Buffet Wire Lamp
Toronto-Study armchair
Heart Homes animated dining chair

Food on table 
Aphrodite hot chocolate holidays tray
Aphrodite Shepperds pie
Aphrodite Shepperds pie
Aphrodite glazed nuts & pumpkin pie
Aphrodite pumpkin puree
wedding Champagne
Aphrodite stuffed venison platter
Aphrodite cranberry sauce
Aphrodite cranberry sauce
MudHoney Priya Plates
The Loft - Hurricane Candle (Bronze)
box of 6 macarons./crazy mix,
chai latte cupcake.
Atelier Kreslo Festival: !Ohmai, Gingy's Chocolate
:::Last Ride::: Macaron tower(Wear R-hand)
[domus] POE6 gift

Kitchen area 
Toronto-Bedroom canvas
Trompe Loeil - Timeless Kitchen Fridge {Adult} Purple
Trompe Loeil - Industrial Chandelier Short
Charming Country Kitchen pitcher of lilies
Cobblestone - Century Cookie Dough
Cobblestone - Century Place Setting 1
Cobblestone - Pepper Grinder
Cobblestone - Century Place Setting 1
*ionic* ibiza stool
Dutchie Bread and cheese
LISP- Bistro Muffic Case
Dutchiie Bread Basket
BP* decanter/grape juice
Dutchie Dustbowl Clementine Harvest Apples in a Rustic Famhouse
Dutchie Coffee machine
Dutchie Lavender pot
Charming Country Kitchen pile o' dishes
Cobblestone - Century Knife Holder
Cobblestone - Bread Box
Cobblestone - Century Dish Drainer
*ionic* Spirit Chair
!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [MsGiraffe. Cinnamon]
Trompe Loeil - Timeless Kitchen Fridge  Purple

House *Funky*Junk* Hillsborough House

xoxo merry xmas ! 

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