Sunday, April 6, 2014

{{BSD Design studio}} FASHION SHOW 2014 04 05 , too bad if u miss this ,the NEWs at mAINSHOP now !

Dear supermodels and friends, 

WE are flattered to have the first solo fashion show for {{BSD Design studio}} Exclusive original meash creations last nite , 2014 04 05 , which wrote down a new chapter for {{BSD Design studio}}. This shop won't have come so far without your help and support, thank you so much for all time fav, and support and fav the designs and your support encourage me to do more, Time flies, it is almost 1 and half year now . and the shop has 78 shoes original mesh and 20 bags and created dozens of furnitures  n home for second life on grid. this is soooo much fun here creating without limitation and boundaries except our own imaginations. 

THis show was a great success and i like to take this opportunities to thank the amazing team by zzoie zee. and .Penumbra  with the amazing host and models, and organizers, fuzz, nicewilde rose, Greig.

and my awards winning supermodels friends ; 
1- Camlima Dufaux 
2Leezah Kaddour
3Kim Rongyu
4Sienna Bellios
5Absinthe (sinontherocks)
6 Yeriakth Couturier

Host  . manager, COO, Greid, Nicewild rose , Fuzz Lane

Featuring New Exclusive Fashion show Collection :

{{My destiny }boots  at 100 block fair exclusive coming soon in 4.6

{{Supermodel anniversary limited edition}} at mainshop

Babychampagne sass

after party pics :

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