Friday, July 6, 2012

{{ Colour Mind }} _ Sofa giveaway

Model.Style Setting & photo
Babychampagne Sass

Hair |Dela =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Dolce" Light Browns
Make up1 | *Fishy Strawberry* Icicle Makeup
Make up2 | Izzies Izzie's - Dark Vibrant Lipstick
Necklace | [CIA] [CIA Designs] Cleo Necklace
Bracelet |Muism Bandana Bracelet
Pants | Erratic Erractic vest and purple pants mesh
Dress | House of { Torn }  {TD}Maui_WhiteSash
Shoes | Nx Nardcotix  NX-Nardcotix Edna Platform Pump Orange

Scene Setting

Sofa  | Babychampagne Design Studio - BBC london Cozy Lover Seats
lights  | Babychampagne Design Studio- Ball Lights 
Plant  | itutu (iTuTu) tree pot 1
Plant2  |Mud honey MudHoney Snake Plant in beat up vase
Cushion Seat |  Babychampagne Design Studio- BBC Zebra Cushion

Special thanks to Torn Difference ( owner of House of Torn)  & Ananya Mai

Ps I will giveaway the first ever Sofa I made for my dearest followers/ readers, the first 50 people send me a note card with your name.
I will send her/ him this sofa and the light bulbs.. XD

Send Note card :
Babychampagne Sass

Enjoy the weekend!!!

(  you can play with this by buying this sculpt and make a sofa too ! have Fun!!

link for sofa sculpts:

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