Thursday, July 18, 2013

PHOTO CONTEST For SHOE FAIR 2013 CASH PRICE 14000L ++++ store credits

Dear trend setters , supermodels, super bloggers ,

A new photo contest for SHOE FAIR 2013 , to gina this TITLE {{ BEST shoe BLogger}} at shoe fair 2013, and cash price starting from 10000 L or more ... and store credits ..

the winner will get the title of {{ BEST SHOE BLOGGER}}  voting and nominated by the shop owner .

and only blogger and customers are eligible to enter, shop owners cannot enter this contest. so to be more fair to everyone .

on flickr :  GROUP  HERE

please post the image with items purchased at shoe fair 2013, with the following: of the item ,
2. the shop name and link at the shoe fair.

each one / account can only post 3 ( limits) of picture to enter. .

the best will win the title of {{BEST SHOE BLOGGER}} and 10000L cash price, and store credits

result willbe annouchend one week after the fair ends.

Landmark to SHOE FAIR 2013 ===>

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