Friday, July 6, 2012

{{ One Voice Fund Raising Event }}

There will be a Fund Raising Event From {{ July 9th to July 16th }}, several designers, including Truth, League, GOS, Belleza Glam Affair, Adam and Eve, SLink, One Bad Pixel, Exile, Luck Inc, Laqroki, Aura and Bare Rose (just to name a few) will be taking part in the Gala Fundraiser to help raise money for Gala’s legal fees.

Long story short : the details of the skin case is blogged here :
Further description of the event here :
Gala's blog here
We would like to ask for your support and the “Standing together to support the rights of legitimate content creators.” This is the group charter for One Voice, a group organised by Vivienne Graves, that are hosting a fundraising event to help support Gala Phoenix. Gala, the owner of Curio is in a legal battle over the copyright of her skins. Details can be found in Gala's blog here.

Items showcased  in the event will be either 50% or 100% donated, it all depends on the decision of the designers.

Please support Gala and we work hand in hand to help each other in Second life!!
Stand against copybot. We respect the intellectual copyright for every creations in real life and second life.

Thank you for your support
Landmark of the event will be posted when set ups are ready!! Stay tuned.


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