Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Magazine Jan 2013 -photographer of the month {{Babychampagne sass}}

More Magazine Jan 2013 -photographer of the month {{Babychampagne sass}} by Babychampagne
More Magazine Jan 2013 -photographer of the month {{Babychampagne sass}}, a photo by Babychampagne on Flickr.

photos by babychampagne sass ( Raw pic with blow up pic)
magazine layout by
 Moolto By Maxes Loon
(CEO of Moolto magazine )
Dearest friends,
Today is a special moment for me in SL, i have the honoured to be chosen as the photographer of the month for moolto jan 2013.
I am so shocked.. .and so happy at the same time when i know that.. this makes my dream comes true.
Thank you so much for all your support.
special thanks to Maxes, CEO of Moolto magazine. amazing community to share and inspire.
and i just want to record the happy moments in SL.. and i m so lucky to be chosen as there are so many talented artist, photographers in SL.
my life motto is " work hard, have fun .. and make your dream comes true" .
and you will be the next !
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babychampagne sass
Link of the magazine  online
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