Saturday, January 12, 2013

{{ Escape to Malibu}}

Model photographer N designer 
Babychampagne sass

Hair//[e] Listen - Essentials Collection
Top//[VG] 'Y-Strap Layered Tank' Fat Pack
Scarf//Mr Poet ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf (Free Gift)
Jacket//House of Torn-{TD}Diva Jacket-Black Suade
pants// GizzA - Capris [Light Grey] MESH
glove//* Baiastice_Leather short gloves-purple 
Shoes//{{BSD Design Studio]]Opera house- grape CLICK here to TP to {{BSD Design Studio}}

Scene Setting

House//Al'Ol Malibu HouseAL'OL Homes / Houses Prefabs (exterior texture modified)
Lavender field//CJ Flowerfield Purple dragon - 16 Plants  in 1only 1 Prim
Outdoor furniture// garden set -poems of mist at TP to Poems of mist
House exterior texture: {{BSD Design Studio}} Granite & Slate stone Texture pack 0113{{BSD Design Studio}}@ nest

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