Friday, July 19, 2013

SHOE FAIR 2013 VENUE pic - story of a shoe master ( Second life shoe fair 2013)

Once there was a RL shoe master saying : " I hate peopel saying your shoes look comfortable" ... yes we know sky high heels are fashionable .. and we don't mind a little bit hurt with the killer heels, and yet ,  i think . .
THIS is sooo good for Second life... the shoes artistic side is purely for aesthetic and we can have NO pain to get the best to look with fashion ,see how good second life is for shoe lovers ?? do u collect shoes ?? what do you collect in second life? well, as a shoe lover, i collect shoesssss <333

and this time, the SHOE FAIR 2013 is such as good chance for shoe lovers to collect new releases shoes with 50 % discount on new releases and at the same time hunting for the hidden  FREE gifts at shops ,, and the DISCOUNT bazaar HIDDEN one of the row of the shops,, sooooo don't miss that . u can get fabalous shoes with great bargain price just at this FAIR >> also , there is a PHOTO Contest that you will have the chance to win 14000L cash prize and show the photographer skills you have to the world.. .and gain the prestige title as " BEST SHOE BLOGGER" how good it can be to add up on the list of achievement as a supermodel and super blogger and have a chance to have free shoes from a sponsor shop for the rest of your second life here ?? <333

and jessica parker in sex and the city once said , " you can't have too many shoes "  !! lolololol and all girls need the best in their life at least one pair from a shoe master lol and second life,  we CAN have alot lolol not just one lololol

Landmark : TELEPORT HERE at shoe fair

Details on the PHOTO CONTEST here ;

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