Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{{Modern CHic }} exclusive high heel at MNML sim EXPO < open soon > on 5/24 ! stay tuned for the new exciting sim!! and NEW event !!

model : Babychampagne sass and AnotniaXp
photographer : Babychampagne sass
location NOT the new sim yet lol

Dear supermodels trend setters !

GOOOOD news !! a BRAND New sim will be opend sooonn : MNML Sim > a sim full of MONO chromatic themed buildings and shops, There ia a NEW EXCLUSIVE fashion event- MNML EXPO! opens soon on 5/24 ! stay tuned for the landmark and details, BLOGGERs and supermodels, exciting to have a new sim for blogging and shooting monochromatic photos! LLOLOL

these shoes - {{MODERN chic  Geometry}} is EXCLUSIVE and special design for celebrating this NEW sim!

on Babychampagne ;
Hat://Mesh floppy hat by Countdown
hari//hagika- rewind
Necklace // {{BSD Design studio}} Fashionista Green red
Outfit// Purepoison - Karl Teal pants at Garage Fair exclusive
outfit pants //Purepoison- blakc karl sudded bra
shoes//{{BSD Design studio}} Modern Chic Geometry - ( Coming SOON at MNML EXPO) exclusive
bangles//{{BSD Design studio}}Iconic Beauty ( greeN) at LOS discount event, see landmark at Right column

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