Sunday, May 12, 2013

{{FASHION editor }} by {{BSD Design Studio}} at 100 BLOCK Fair & {{Fashion blogger bag- RED croco }} For AVENUE reader's group GIFT

HI there , join BSD group and AVENUE reader's group ! this round, we have prepared the new{ fashion blogger bag-red croco}} - AVENUE Edition for all the AVENUE readers ! come and get them for free!1 
shoes at 100 BLOCK Fair - {{FASHION EDITOR}}
land mark of MAINSHOP to get AVENUE reader's gift
chair available at " GARAGE FAIR } - {{BSD Design studio}} SHOE DIVa chair with 16 supermodel poses <3 

This SHOE DIVA model photo props is a design with collaboration with "FLY LILY POSE" shop special custom made 16 supermodel poses for shoes < 33

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