Friday, May 17, 2013

SL Fashion week NEW round- {{MODEL off duty}} bag - featuring {{BSD Design studio}}

Yay , its friday again !
this week slfashion week , we have some {{MODEL off duty }} bags for you to go shopping with ! lol
Yes , i heard u , you need more bags lol for you to style with the fab sl fashion ! it opens on 1pm SLT today! <3

landmark here , click the TELEPORT words to tp there =>TELEPORT !

Hair// Magika - Rewind
Necklace // Zibska,Gwen
outfit//pure poison- Karl Teal pants
top// pure poison- black karl studded bra
shoes // {{BSD Design studio}} Toile de jouy- disco green simpicity at L 'accessoires
Bangles// {{BSD Design studio}} Iconic beauty  - green


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