Friday, May 31, 2013

SL fashion week featuring {{Splendid model }} high heels & {{ my doctor's bag }} EXCLUSIVE original mesh

Dear trend setters and super models 

This week at the sl fashion week, we have some splendid designs for splendid model like u . 

1. {{MY Doctor's bag}} to show appreciation to the doctors who save lives and help the sick. 
2.{{ Splendid model }} high heels for all the splendid models in sl .

Hope u like them and ENJOY the summer weekend! It's time to go outside,have some ice-cream in the sun and don't forget that SUMMER Fashion Festival has just begun!! There are 80 shops and each has one 1L gift. !  GIFTssss worth 250L and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

landmark to SL fashion week < click Teleport > -- TELEPORT

Teleport to Summer Fashion Festival --> SFF TELEPORT

Happy happy Friday!LOL! whoo hoot!! 

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