Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{{Bring mykonos home }} Resort hotel set , at OriMeCreGatcha event starts on 9/15

========================= OrimeCre GATCHA event 9/15 to 10/15 ================
Dear friends and supermodels, 

OriMeCre Gatcha Event will be held from September 15th till October 15th. It will display exclusive mesh items, originally designed and created by the participants. An exclusively designed MESH sky store will be built for the purpose, as well as totally original MESH Gatcha machines and a special MESH gift to visitors.

Here i have an idea to bring mykonos home, I always dream of having a vacation in the sunshine beach with the beautiful white houses in greece island, Mykonos, where the government protect the white houses and repaint them every year, this is the paradise of the couples, with nude beaches, beautiful sunshine, beautiful white houses, perfect for honeymoon , perfect for first time dating vacation..... so , love to bring this to second life and everyone to enjoy. 

there are 2 sets in the gatcha machines, 
{{ Bring mykonos home }} - modern CAFE'  set 

{{Bring mykonos home }} - Resort hotel set . 
=========================Set 2  - {{BSD Design studio}}======================
{{ Bring mykonos home }} Resort hotel set
GOOD LUCK .. 50L per play and 2 RAREs
{{Bring mykonos home }} Resort hotel  RARE
{{Bring mykonos home}} modern cafe RARE 
{{Bring mykonos home}} little chapel 
4 types of cushions, matching with cafe set 
4 types of flower pots. with / without flowers. 

Good luck! <3

these will be available from 9/ 15 to 10 /15  

 Orimecre Gatcha fair with ONLY original mesh creations ===> << TELEPORT HERE>>

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