Friday, September 13, 2013

{{ IT GIRL }} for the IT Girl in second life , lol Exclusively at SL FASHION WEEK opens at 1pmslt today!!!

Dear supermodels and friend,s 

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! and grab a pair of new fab shoes - high heels with 30 colours lol in and out different leather, yeah , i think i m abit crazy this week, addicted to this shoes lol 
trying to get al lthe colour in pantone lol but can't lol i only have 2 hands lol and one left/right brain lol

{{ IT GIRL }} - {{ IT girl}} by {{BSD Design studio}} at SL FASHION WEEK < opens at 1 pm SLT today!! . you must get one at you are the " IT" girl lol
it girl definition= It girl" is a term for a young woman who possesses the quality "It", absolute attraction.

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