Monday, September 23, 2013

FFC cstyling contest SEMI- FINAL , with TOP 3 FINALISTs

Dear friends adn supermodels,

FFC styling contest semi-final was held last nite, each contestants were asked to use 30 minutes to style the outfit for reflecting their character, and at the same time with the assigned brooch.
and the TOP3 finalists are - 
Jaden hollow       

Judges are :
Cuba - From fashion house - SHEY
BABYCHAMPGNE Sass from - {{BSD Design studio}}
AVA - from l'amore modelling agency
Flora - FFC - owner

and Sponors by - Azul, shey, finesmith, VM, pure poison,

Congrats to the TOP 3 Finalists, and their next challenge will be on Next SUNDAY, for having to style with 3 of their MENTOR, which to compose a style with reflecting top 5 reallife fashion house in the fashion industry, and at the end of the week, the day before the FINAL< they will be assigned with a special accessoires at last minute for them to incorporate in the total look! STAY Tuned.

SO for LANDMARK OF the FINAL SHOW< STAY TUNED < With this blog . <3 

I have the honour to be ONE of the Judges in the semi-finals, and the followings are the score c
cards number disclosed to show the fairness.;

with the score card :
= ===============
Theme:  10

Creativity: 8

Prims: 9

Other:  (purses, items given by flora etc.)10

Theme: 8

Creativity: 7

Prims: 9

Other:  (purses, items given by flora etc.3

           TOTAL: 25

 Jaden hollow         
     Theme:  7

Creativity:  5

Prims:  6

Other:  (purses, items given by flora etc.) 5

           TOTAL: 23


have a great week!

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