Monday, September 16, 2013

Romantic island Mykonos - {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh creator gatcha event.

Dear supermodels, photographers

Dear friends and supermodels,
need some new places for your photo shoots?
wanna have a romantic vacation with your love in this romantic island, Mykonos?


there are 3 RARES buildings;
- {{hotel set}}
-{{little chapel}}
-{{Modern cafe }}

at the original mesh creators gatcha event.

50L per play. and have a wonder trip to Mykonos.

Details of the buildings:

1// {[modern cafe}} with scripted doors and windows and indoor space;
Size : 14x15M
scripted doors
3 volumns ; 25 Li + 24Li + 6 Li with 1 Li movable walls
removable windows = 12Li
2 floors  with Teleport up n down
both separated ,
removable platform and stairs separated =13 Li + 1Li each on land plateform and planters
 removable trellis = 8Li

 Total : 135Li //

2 //{{hotel Set }} NO indoor space as background buildings ,with large Courtyard for outdoor space.

hotel building ( 244Li)
platfrom and planters = ( 10+ 1+ 4)

total = ( 263Li)

no indoor space , only Couryart space , with 2 tress and shurbs, grass platform No grass included.
3// {{littel chapel}}
total 168 Li

chaple 160Li
platform and planter 8Li ( removable)

no indoor space , and no doors not scripted only for photo shoots.

 {{ trees,grass , mountains are NOT  included}}} 

Have fun shooting!!


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