Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pegan poetry themed featured at INSPIRATION Bk2 - designed/styled by babychampagne sass



Pagen Poetry Set
pic1 ,2Living Room Area
Ceiling hanging lights | BBC-Mood-swing lights (white) @ {{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
Deer hone wall mount decor|LISP - Antler Candles White @ LISP
Sofa |TTR Antique-Queen's Boudoir Gilt Sofa Settee @ Tatiana's Tea Room - Fine French Tatiana's tea roomAntiques ( colour modified )
Fireplace| fireplace @ Tableau Vivant~
Carpet | BBC- Grey Sheep Carpet @{{BSD Design Studio}} TP here 
Pebble Decor| Pebbles by{{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
Birds on Fireplace| Hunt gifts by 2xite
Bird on sofa |LISP - Single RavenLISP
woodden Central table| Curve Patio Table white wood @ Trompe Loeil ( texture modified  )
Bird cage on floor| TA Bird Cages@ TARTESSOS ARTSTartessos arts
Bird cage next to fire place|Bird in a Gilded Cage w/sounds @ Closer to the heart creations
Green bottle glass| The Loft - Glass Bottles White ( colour modifed ) The loft
Golden Linear Decor | FreeFlow {{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
Plant|MudHoney Snake Plant in beat up vase @ Mudhoney ( size modified )
Vase on central table |*chronokit* lily blue
Golden Scuplture on table| BBC_ Gold-Box scultpture @{{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
Vase on fireplace|gift from Mamia
Antique music player| gramophone--norah jones @ CLEO DESIGN
Decor on side table |The Loft -Dahila DecorThe loft
Side seats |Abiss Interior Side table dark ( texture modified)
 table |Noir Low Bench Table @ LISP by Pandora PopstarLISP
Candles| candle -Full Permissions by Finn Jensen
Wallpaper|Grunge Antique French wall paper @ {{BSD Design Studio}} TP here

pic3.Side window corner
Painting |Feather boa @{{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
Armchairs| comfy chair {mono} @ !bang
CHase box decor |PATRON Anubis Chest by Eliza Wierwight & Contour @ PATRON
Antique side table |{CC} design console table with anubis @ Mamia
Glass of Orchid |White Orchid Wedding Set - Centerpiece @**Weddings By Nienna Wood**
Vase on floor |Vase of Flax @ .Designerprims
Pet bed | Baroque Pet Bed @ Collabor88 Special by kitty cats
pic5 Coffee Corner
Light |Catheral Chandelier - valentine special edition - white  @ CIRCA
Coffe Chairs |  Chelsey Cafe Set- Cafe chair @ Mudhoney
pic 6 bed room area{{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
light | Lotus Side Lamp 2 Scribble by Furniture @ Culprit
BatBathtub | antique bath tub couple posed@ reBourne prefab skybox

- Skybox [ba] Fabienne- pied-a-tierre- @ Collabor88  by Barnesworth Anubis @  [ BA]


  1. Love these pics. Could you provide details of the skybox/house please?
    Thanks, Arialle

    1. Set - [ba] Fabienne- pied-a-tierre- Skybox @ Collabor88

      oh ihope they still sell the skybox at the ba shop . the wallpapers and curtian and furnitures are all modified and changed

  2. Another question please...
    Where did you get the curtains from? They're lovely and really finish the room.

  3. i made them.. lol
    maybe i can put out at the shop lol

  4. Wonderful job I am redoing my home and you have just given me a lot of inspiration. Can I ask where the tub is from?

  5. HEAVENLY, Where are you selling your furniture?