Sunday, June 30, 2013

{{Guardian Angle }} fr {{BSD Design studio}} NEW Exclusive original mesh at SL FASHION WEEK NOW !

Dear friends, 

How are you today ? Summer is here , iguess all are out at the beach, have some sunshine, got some ice-cream, enjoy the joyful breezy days, but remember to play safe..

I dont' know if you believe in angels or not, especially when i were a kid, my mom always tell me that each kid has a guardian angel to look after me, when i m up or down, i can talk with him. and pray to him for luck, peace and health etc... so next time, maybe you can talk to your guardian angel. 

also there is a urban legend saying that whenever you accidentally reconized the 1111 elements, that means your guardian angel is looking at you at the moment  lol .... well , then take your time and talk with him for your wishes lol ..... believe it or not .. 

so i have made some creations out of scratch named after the guardian angel , and may him always bring you luck, charm, peace, happiness each day !!  XD 

HAPPY WEEK END ! These are NEW releases EXCLUSIVELY at SL Fashion week opens at 2pmSLT today! < 3 

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My deareest Trend setters,

here is the FREE Group gift for you THIS JULY < thanks for being loyal and supportive all time > ,3

happy summer time , {{SUMMER Lover }} full versions with 8 colours will be out SOON !


{{SUMMER LOVER }} Coming soon by {{BSD Design studio}} Original mesh creations & GROUP GIFT

Hello there ,

Another NEW excluisve mesh designs will be out soon , comes with 8 colours, and stay tuned for the location and event , they are 1200L and at discount event is half price 699L .

ALSO < stay tuned,> ONE of the special colour leather will be the GROUP GIFT For my dearest Trend setters < 333

Happy summer time and get a SUMMER lover lol

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fashion united project - Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} original mesh creations ( NEW monthly discount event )

Dear friends, supermodels and trend setters, 

ANother good news for ALL fashionistas in SL, we have a new montly discount event featuring some of the best creators in sl, Ariskea, purepoison,redgrave, purple pose,Glam affair, Cynful, essence, zoom,le primitif,noho, zorgo,capulco, CEU, etc etc, 

More details on this official blog :
Flickr page
Face book page :

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

{{BSD Design studio}} HAUTE COUTURE - launching SOON !

Dear friends and supermodels, 

How r u , i wanna share my excitement with you , I will launch my Fashion line of {{BSD Design studio}} soon in this Fall winter Haute Couture Collection! 

NOW the brand is Not only focus on accessories and shoes made with ORIGINAL mesh, that means , all designs are designed from scratch with 3d modelling softwares ,texture baking, ALL original created and not by fashion templates in sl. I use 3d software and digital painting softwares to create the shoes and furnitures, architecture, NOW i use the same technique to create a line for fashion ! Fashion style ,with the following categories: 

1- HAUTE couture - cocktail dresses, evening wear - High fashion 
2- URBAN CHIC - urban chic collection with causal chic , modern trendy street fashion
3- Resort Collection- The more layback artistic style

hope you like the idea and stay tuned for the future news and First debut of the fashion collections : 

ALL designed by Babychampagne sass - orginal MESH , NO where to find the same in SL,
just in this shop!

{{BSD Design Studio}}
Haute Couture
Urban Chic


Sunday, June 23, 2013

SL 10 B celebration , chance to win a lap top! details

Dear friends, 

there is a chance to win a lap top to celebrate SL10 years . 

I  m not affiliate to the programe but i like to share the news with you.. it is posted on 6/20. so far the participants are limited to those living in the states only .. 

details here : 

to enter click here : 

Friday, June 21, 2013

"{{True Love}} fr {{BSD Design studio}} at SL fashion week

Dear super models and trend setters < 
This weekend, we have typhoon .. so no more outdoor work... just indoor.. so i thinki will spend more time inworld this weekend LOL 

how is your week? 
this Week, slFashion week, i have made the " TRUE LOVE" exclusive original mesh. To me, i think everyone is in search for true love in their lives.. not only for partnership, friendship, and even on fashion.. i always addicted to my true love  on fashion in reallife.. so i realized my dream shoes here . hope you like them as i do lol 

ALL 75 % off just for ONE week solely at SL FASHION week .

Taxi : 

{{BSD Design studio}} new at MY attic event @ the DECK

Dear trend setters , 
how are you ! this is happy friday againn , today we have new releases at 2 events , SLFashion week and ATTIC  <333
hello the new releases at the DECK , my Attic event only 95L 

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer delight - Enlightenment by {{BSD Design studio}}

Shoes {{BSD Design studio}} Enlightenment - purple trio- at SL Fashion week TELEPORT HERE
Dress // Pure poison at SL Fashion week new
Hat// {{BSD Design studio}} Miss daisy hat at "HATS in ARTS| Arts in Hats " event
Trees// Mangrove tree  by Rusitca at " the garden" event

When i went visiting this new items at the garden , i met these gorgeous tress- mangrove tree bridge, it is sooo gorgeous, and designed by Maxwell graf, talented guy from Rustica, and here is his shop's landmark ; at the moment these mangrove tree bridge is New release promotion discount at here, and will go up after the event ! grab the chance to get these gorgeous tree bridge fast!! the roots are soo real and gorgeous for pics .

Friday, June 14, 2013

{{BSD Design studio}} - {{CHIC model }} EXCLUSIVE Original mesh at L'accessoires new monthly event

Hello , trend setters and supermodels, 

New releases at l'acecssoires this week, montnly event, 30 % off ,

Enlightenment from {{BSD Design studio}} exclusive mesh at SL Fashion week

Once again , the new Design - {{Enlightenment}} , hope u like them < 3 happy weekend , dearest friends !
Taxi to SL Fashion week , starts today at 2 pmslt - 


New AT SL Fashion week {{ Enlightenment }} by {{BSD Design studio}} Exclusive original mesh

Dear trendsetters, 
new releases This Week! Happy friday, new at SL Fashion week . 
here I have made these trio colour combination adn play with the colour mix and match , hope u like them .

Landmark to SL Fashion week as below ;