Friday, November 29, 2013

{{BSD Design studio}} @ Winter Trend Fair 2013 ! with new exclusives angel boots at 50% off LAST DAY!

Dear supermodels and friends, 

The winter Trend fair 2013 opens NOW!!! alot of Free gifts and dollarbies, and NEW exclusives at 50% off discount or more !! 



Babychampagne sass

Last 24 hours of Shoetopia shoe fairs ! hurry up!

Dear friends, 

Last chance to grab the fab shoes at discount price at SHOETOPIA SHOE fair, it will ends SOon less than 24 hours !! 


have fun . 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

FLASH SALE 50% storewide, {{BSD Design studio}} HAPPY thanksgiving, happy blackfriday

Dear trend setters, 

happy BLACK Friday, thanksgiving..
24 hours FLASH SALE 50% Off store wide!!!! 


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter Trend Fair 2013 featuring {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh EXCLUSIVES - Winter Fair Angles.. & POE6 HUNT coming SOON 11/29

Dear supermodels and Friends,
{{WINTER Fair angles }} are Exclusives for Winter Trend Fair 2013 . 
Opens on 11/ 29 

LANDMark will be available on 11/29

at mainshop// 

Scene setting// 

[Skybox]POE #103 - Silent Woods----- ( 15 li)

Presents// POE#40 - {{BSD Design studio}}It girl POE edition.

DECOR - from the POEHUNT//
[plant]POE#052 MEP Martie's Elegant Plants ---(9li)
[table]POE#145 - JoHaDeZ Poetic Furniture-JoHaDeZ- Classic Table "Peace"---(7l

[fireplace+xmas tree] #080 - Stonewood Interiors ---- ( 16li)
[xmas tree + rug]#[kusshon] furniture 2013 WEAR (unpacked)
[fire place with candels]#143-[ba] peace on earth 6 hunt - 2013 gift
[xmas tree]#080 Stonewood Interiors - POE Christmas Tree
[xmas tree]#107 *K* Snowflake Tree (decorated) for POE6
[wall shelf] #007 - Sway's  - yingyang wall shelf -- ( 2li)
[xmas withpose]#190 -Zen Creations- (15Li) 

OTHER decor//
Lamp//.:: ONE GRID ::. Buffet Wire Lamp
Rug//AF Trellis Circular Rug (Black)
cupboard//MudHoney Miles Cabinet RARE
lamp//MudHoney Miles Desk Lamp
wall art//MudHoney Miles Deer Art
DIGS - Chiyo Lamp & End Table - FLF [MESH] (BOXED)
Cobblestone - Hollywood Glam Twiggy Vase
Cobblestone - Hollywood Glam Guitar (Deco)
Cobblestone - Doors & Drawers Cabinet (L)
Cobblestone - Doors & Drawers Plant
Cobblestone - Doors & Drawers Books
MudHoney Priya Trunk coffee
[ContraptioN] Snow Stolas 2
Gifts box from LISP - vintage set 


Babychampagne sass 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Spotlight - only few days left at shoetopia shoe fair 2013

Supermodel//Anna Sapphire
photographer // Anna Sapphire
Magazine layout // Babychampagne sass 
Miss Anna Sapphire: 
Miss Virtual World 2012 winner
 . Ivory-haired muse
Face of Miamai 
Fellini couture muse 2012 
Named One of the 10most elegant women
Nominee of Best new model of the year 2011
Miss Fab 2011 calender models 

Dear supermodels and friends,

how is your day today! only few days left before the closing of SHOETOPIA Shoe fair 2013.
with all the Best Shoe designers in Second life with New exclusives released at discounted price, an event u can't miss before the new year of 2014. 
TAXI to Shoetopia shoe fair 2013 

MAINSHOP {{BSD Design studio}} +



babychampagne sass

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Optimistic Brightness

Supermodel // Fuzz Lennie
MVW Miss philippines 2011
Miss bliss couture Top 20 2012
Marketing manager of VM 
Fashion blogger/ photographer

She is wearing  {{BSD Design studio}} - Shoetopia Collection- SURREAL 
and Modern MUSE -gold on right pic .

TAXI to Shoetopia SHOE fair 2013+

LANDARK TO MAINSHOP {{BSD Design studio}}+



[ Cynful SIM ] Special event with DJ parties, GIFTS at shops , have fun PARTYYYYY

Dear DJ and supermodels, 

There is a party today , ad hoc one ! come and have fun and grab every FREE GIFTS at SHOPS !!! 

Come !!! 

Have fun 

Babychampagne sass 

2LEI event , charity event with Auction {{ BSD Design studio}} Fierce model special edition ( LIMITED)

November 25th, according to the United Nations, is the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women“. The United Nations Development Fund for Women estimates that at least one of every three women globally will be beaten, raped, or otherwise abused in her lifetime.

For them, we choose to stand up.

We will stand, not because it is a popular thing to do, we stand because it’s the only thing we can do; these are our sister’s, mother’s, girlfriends, acquaintances, humans, women.

They are even some of us.

The designers and models of Second Life will stand to be heard, support, embrace, and raise up these women November 23, 2013. We will let the victims, and their abuser’s, know we won’t turn our back on them, or cover our eyes, we are here and we care. Violence against women and girls is not inevitable. Prevention is possible and essential.

 So won’t you stand with us?

Our dedicated, giving designers of Second Life have created unique items for this event, there will be only one copy of their liberte inspired design and through their generosity, and your generous giving heart, it can be yours. During the week long 2Lei event in Second Life (November 18th through the 25th) there will be several events taking place.

Fashion Auction Location / Picture by Caoimhe Lionheart

For our event, the Designers and models auction portion, from November 19th through November 22nd, you can preview these designer’s items on the Salimar Luxury District sim, and place bids on items you wish to own.

The final “live” bidding will take place November 23rd, 2013 at 2:30PM SLT, with some of Second Life’s finest models donating time to style and show these amazing designs. The auction’s bid winner will receive their one of a kind outfit from the model and will be the only owner of the outfit for eternity. All proceeds from the auction will go to the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women.

Please come and celebrate with us. Please, give with us, even if it is only your time, please support this important cause.

 With $10US (approx. 2500L), 6 women survivors of violence can receive psychosocial counseling in countries across Africa and Asia. With $100USD (25000L), 17 women’s right activists in the Middle East can be trained to engage men and boys as change agents to end violence against women and girls. With our pooled together $1,000USD (250,000L), 70 police officers can be sensitized to respond to women survivors of violence without gender bias in India.  Every little bit helps. Together, we can help. 

Won’t you be a partner to essential change with us?
{{BSD Design studio}} 2LEI event - fierce special edition, LIMITED  for Auction. 

Second Life  Fashion World STAND with 2Lei - "One of a Kind" Fashion Auction 
@ SaliMar Luxury District

Saturday nov 23th

2.30 pm slt

Slurl :

Auctioner : Orian Wirefly

 Aliza Karu - AD Creations 
Teyara Mayo - ANGGUN 
Mami Jewell - Azul
 Babychampagne Sass - BSD Design Studio
Thor Vespucciano - C&N Designs 
Momokaromano Omizu - *chocolat** 
Kristine Lowey - Chrysalis 
Kiddo Oh - Dead Dollz 
Delypop Cresci - DeHat  
 Yula Finesmith - Finesmith Jewelry
 Giz Seorn - Gizza
 Riri Bazar - h.m.a.e.m.
 Mexi Lane _ Imaginarium
Trinity Graves - In-Pose  
Faina Cortes - La Malvada Mujer 
 Nevery Lorakeet - LpD 
 Bodza Blackadder - Living Imagination 
Samantha Jones - Liv Glam 
 Kim Lysette - Liv Glam/K Collection 
Lybra Rage - Lybra 
 Lyrical Bizarre - Lyrical Bizarre Templates
Katiusha Vollmar - KVDream Agency  
Catlyn Sahara, Yatsumi Resident - Kawaii Dolls
 Natzuka Miliandorvic - Natzuka 
Elettra Gausman - Orage Creations
Journey McLaglen - Prism
Shaleene Kenin - Pure Poison
Eleseren Brianna - Romance Couture
 Sascha Frangili - Sascha's Designs
  Shinichi Mathy - Shiki 
Mila Tatham - SoliDea FoliEs
Bouquet Babii - Vero Modero
 Zzoiezee - Zanze 

join our page on FB:

Organization: Caoimhe Lionheart, Bodza Mubble, Draakje Dailey, Mila Tatham 
for info: Bodza Mubble
all about 2lei events and organization :

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Waiting For you

photographer// Nadja baxter
supermodel//Nadja Baxter
magazine layout//Babychampagne sass

Nadja, is a German beauty actively in second life since 2007, and she has won alot of renowned 
beauty contest, styling contest, recently she is the fashion editor, stylist , blogger and photographer.

She is wearing {{Glam Grunge}} black cross, also featured in SHOETOPIA SHoe fair 2013 
for new release at 50% discount price. 

Taxi to SHOETOPIA Shoe fair 2013, only 2 weeks ( 11.15 to 11. 30)

MAINSHOP {{BSD Design studio}}original mesh Shoes +



Shadow and light

photographer // Caoimh Lionheart
supermodel//Caoimh Lionheart

Miss virtual world top12 Miss korean 2012

she is wearing {{BSD Design studio}} -shoetopia collection- shoetopia supermodel  AT shoe fair 




Shoetopia shoe fair ( 11/ 15 to 11/ 30) with All top shoe designers in Second life with exclusive discounted NEW RELEASES. 



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{{Shoetopia - supermodel}} at Shoetopia Fair 2013 , Featuring {{BSD Design studio}}

photographer// Miss Dufaux
supermodel//Miss Dufaux
Miss Bliss Couture Winner 2012

Wearing// {{Shoetopia supermodel}} - black01 

Landmark to Shoetopia Fair ( 11/15 to 11/30) 




Special thanks to Calima Dufaux for the beautiful Pic ! 

Babychampagne sass 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Shoetopia Fair 2013 ,second life shoe fair , one of a kind featuring {{BSD Design studio}} - shoetopia supermodel

Photographer //absinthe 
model// Fiance of Absinthe, 
miss Bliss couture 2012 -1st runner up, Sl top supermodel, most controversial and distinct av.

wearing // Shoetopia collection - Supermodel by {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh creations.
special thanks to absinthe for the beuatiful pic and support!

Landmark toSHOETOIPA FAIR ( 11/15 to 11/30) : 




Sunday, November 17, 2013

309 - BSD

309 - BSD a video by Thalia Heckroth on Flickr.

Video by talented Thalia Heckroth <33

{{Shoetopia Fair }} second life 2013 . featuring the best original mesh shoes designers , in the grids.

photographer on left up.down pics = Quan lavender - curator of SL India Gallery
photographer of the right - Miss Virtual world Miss Hong kong 2013, Rehana Seljian
layout by Babychampange sass 

Dear friends and supermodels,
how r u this week, happy weekend, wish you good health and happiness.

Last friday, the shoe fair has open its door with some of the best shoe designers in second life. {{BSD Design stuido}} has the honour to be invited to join the event, and please come and have a look if u are a shoe diva . This venue is beautifully done with the concept of Shoe heaven. 


2 new releases from {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh creations from scratch, to 3d modelling to texture baked discounted at the event exclusively. 

1- {{Shoetopia supermodel }} with the floating ribbons concept with the symbolic meaning of freedom and happiness, 
2- {{shoetopia Surreal }} inspired by the second life Artist with the creative Surrealism sim design and for SL artist to decorate themselves with an artistic twist. Inspired by the Dada years of surrealism art work. with the tree formed bird feets and sand dunes, with the abstract antelope skull and abstract tree shadows. in Dali's art work . 

Have fun and have a great week ! 

Indulge with some shoes  , you deserve a good treat in this hectic world<3333 

love you all for all support<33
i felt lucky to have met such alot of talents in second life with kind heart and open mind and energy and always with the positive thinking even in ups and downs moments <33

special thanks to Rehana and Quan for these beautiful pics with their crazy work schedules. 


Babychampagne sass 

Stay COOL!! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

{{BSD Design studio}} Shoetopia Supermodel at Shoetopia shoe fair 2013 ( shoe fair in second life ) , featuring Miss Denmark 2014 - Astria resident

Dear supermodels and Friends,

Miss Astralia resident is a stylish woman i met in second life, and thank you for her to take some gorgeous pic wearing Shoetopia Collection - supermodel, now Featuring at Shoetopia Fair 2013 exclusively. 

She is Miss virtual world contestant Miss Denmark 2014 and the styling she wore this set of outfit with {{BSD Design studio}} shoetopia supermodel high heels - red ribbon ,  for her posideon  contest audition. wish her all the best for the coming Miss virtual world contest. 

This collection with 2 new releases and comes with 10 colours . 

Landmark to Shoetopia Fair 2013 ; 

{{BSD Design studio}} = shoetopia collection - supermodel Giuls Scarpulla MVW Top10 Miss Argentina 2012 wears shoetopia supermodel

Shoetopia collection -Supermodel 

at Shoetopia Fair : 

With this SURPRISE 50L offer GIFT at the SHOE fair <3333

worth 750L at regular price<333 

Shoetopia Fair 2013 second life featuring {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh shoes & creations

Dear supermodel and friends, 

Happy friday, and this week, we have another great annual event " Shoetopia"" = shoe heaven for all shoe goddess and shoe collectors in second life. 

{{BSD Design studio }} has 2 New exclusives original mesh designs, - apart from {{Shoetopia supermodel}} , this {{Shoetopia - SURREAL}} is designed with the concepts of abstract nature, trees, and antelope.  This comes with 10 colours options. 

Landmark to Shoetopia Fair  , all new releases are at 30% discount price , and there is a gatcha area for fun .

{{Friendship Antelope}} is for gatcha , 50L per play and can be transfer, no modify, 3 land impact , comes with , baby antelope, mummy antelope and dady antelope. and huge decor antelope (Rare) , and amending hearts at the RARE antelopes<33

have a great weekend !!

{{BSD Design studio}} @ SHOETOPIA FAIR opens SOON Today ! {{Shoetopia collection- supermodel & surreal ) 2 NEW releases at 30 % off at Fair exclusively.

Dear supermodels and friends,

( raw pic on shoes, except background and legs touch up , what u see if hwat u get the shoes )

This special design for SHOETOPIA fair opens on 11/ 15 .it comes with 10 colours and
design with floating ribbons symbolic meanings of freedom and happiness .

Step in and may the shoes bring u happiness and health.

copyrights all reserved to {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh 2013

Landmark will be available on 11/15

<< TELEPORT TO FAIR click here >>