Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Builder's challenge - Nov round- mid century MODERN- {{BSD Deisgn studio}} - mid century moddern corner

Dear supermodels and friends,

This month nov, CHallenge for builders -is mid-century modern,
and id made a corner for your living room decor
hope u like them

Gatcha 50L per play to collect the whole collection:
worth 599 per set, with drawer scripts, 
now only 50L per play! 
3 sets of colours -
1- Deer decor-7Li
2-& decor0=-1Li
3-cabinet with scripts= 7li 
total 15Li 

no copy, no modi only Transfer

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mini Hunt at {{BSD Design studio}} HAPPY halloween!!!

Dear supermodels n friend,s

Happy Halloween!! Mini hunt at {{BSD Design studio}}< find 3 mini pumkins> with gifts charge from 18L to 88L< worth 450 and 950L and more>

landmark to mainshop:

Friday, October 25, 2013

{{BSD Design studio}}=STILETTO LOVE= Exclusively original mesh at SL FASHION WEEK out NOW !

Dear supermodels and friends,

HAPPY friday, This week at SL FASHION WEEK, 10 colours of {{Stiletto love}} for all the stiletto lovers in second life. 

ENJOY. As usual, every Friday with first week promo of new release, 75% off before release at mainshop<3

landmark to SL Fashion week, starts on 1 pm slt friday! Today<3 

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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Dear friends and supermodels :
have you think of the trouble of thinking what to buy for your love, granny, daughter, son ? A same pet, a dog for every x'mas?? a NO-no.. it is boring and no surprise... a car evry time you think of giving a treat to your love?? no - no .. coz' no refund if u buy the wrong thing and she doens't like .

NOW< the revolution of second life gifting system has arrived on grid!! you can no more buy the wrong thing to your love!! we have our WISH lists... and they can simply go there and get it and surprise your spouse or daughter/son or your beloved one, give her a treat, everday, not necessary on the anniversay day or x'mas eve.! Show your love! and get the right thing

HERE To get your FREE wish list HUD==> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kourinbou/150/52/23

how it works?

here is the new system with the wish list hud, u simply click and record on your web site under your name and everyone can search for it!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

{{BSD Deisgn studio}} at the Carnival !

Our Carnival opening party is at 6:30pm tonight with Maximillion Kleen performing for us! 

15 free hunt pumpkins to be found:   􀀀
15 Fabulous Designer Booths
Lots of Carnival Rides - pumpkin bumper cars, haunted houses, ferris wheel, and more!

If you got it...haunt it!
 Event Calendar
 Saturday, october 19 Opening Party with Maxamillion Kleene - 6:30pm SLT
 Friday, October 25 -7pm SLT fashion show featuring guest designers
 Sunday, October 27 - fashion show 3pm SLT featuring guest designers


<3 have fun!!! find {{BSD Design studio}} fronting the stage > 3

{{ BSD Design studio}} Cosmetic FW collection~ {{ FACE Canvas}} editorial , and catwalk series at ( i got it , haunt Hunt ) event HERE !!! alot of Gatcha and Hunt in there !! come !!

dear friends and supermodels,
HAPPY halloween!!!!

we have the Event  
at here , each store has a hidden red bag for gifts as low as 5L to20L worth 200 L and more.!!!!
And you will find the new line of makeup series at HERE  with excellent stylish eyeliners, featuring the newest fashion makeup in rl..
1- Fierce model - face canvas
2-{{Face Canvas}} 02- abstract paint
3-{{Face Canvas}} 03 - editorial eyeliners
4- {{Face Canvas}} Runway makeup set cherry

private jet : << TELEPORT Click HERE >>

Saturday, October 19, 2013

{{BSD Design studio}} at the Seraphim social event !

dear supermodels,
GREAT bargain to celebrate seraphim social event.
just 99L
come and grab this Gift!!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

{{Carpe Diem }} at SL fashion week, {{BSD Design studio}} exclusive original mesh

Dear supermodels, 

" Carpe Diem" !! , this week at SL FASHION WEEK as usual 75 % off just for first week promotion. 

{{ carpe diem }} original mesh shoes comes with 11 colours and you deserve a treat after this hectic week! 

< 3 

<333 have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

{{ boutique Hotel suite }} gacha at Tibacota Travel Fair feauturing {{BSD Design studio}}

TELEPORT TO Travel fair here ===> << Travel FAIR >>

( raw pics just cropped)
Dear friends,
ihave made the {{Boutique hotel suite}} , paris, paris nite( RARE), russia, hong kong, iceland for you to have fun with,

comes with Gatcha , 75L per play .

INFO of the hotel suite :
{[BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel suite with walls ALL separeted, Not linked inorder for you to move around and play with it, in order to take them easily, just click select ALL and take . will link all together by just click *link.

TOTAL - prims - 86Li.

area size- 10m x10

Inorder to have the WHOLE set- u need to colelct -
1- {{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel shell
2-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel -feature wall - map, word,etc
3-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-mykonos vast
4-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-plywood chairx2
5-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-light x 3
6-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-silver lining curtain black x 2
7-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-plywood table
8-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-golden sculpture
9-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-golden blows
10-{{BSD Design studio}}boutique hotel-comfy chairs x 2

original price set is -2999L
Have fun!!!!

with separated FEATURE wall , - so u can play with the wall on the boutique hotel- comes with -
1- wall map
2- wall words.
3-wall scratch
4-wall grey blur
5-wall grey y

**the doors and windows are not scripted. this is intended for editorial photo shoots for supermodels in sl.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear supermodels and friends,

here i have the {{BEAUTIFUL LIFE}} for you guys to style a beautiful secondlife  lol

i was listening to the song so wish these shoes bring you Beautiful life in sl and rl ! <3

private jet  to L'acessoires ;


Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear supermodel and friends ,

whoohoot !! crazy day crazy nite lol i m so hunrgy in the middle of the nite at 4 am lol throw me some cookies !!
I am so happy to share with you my beauty secrets and makeup routine whenever i attend fashion show, casting and beauty contest. ENJOY! <3

This fall, {{BSD Design studio}} has lunched the first collection of makeup serious,
1..-causal chic eye shadows palette.
2-editorial set for magazine covers
a, shinning purple
b.cherry fierce
c. lace
d. haute couture lace set

3. Catwalk eyeliners with shape wings and edges for fashion show to be viewed from a distant.

with {{BSD Design studio}} supermodels: 
-blue prochers

and more in later winter serious <3
stay tuned

with other supermodels
jamee binder
gretel bulloch
and floraniana


LANDMARK To Cosmetic fair ===> << CLICK to TELEPORT HERE >>

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dear friends and supermodels,

Today i m very very happy and flatterd to know that finally my little shop has 1000 group members and 3250 subscribers. thank you so much for your all time support and super cool styling<3

To show my appreciation to all of you, the shop has FLASH sale today with this fab shoes with the most finest details, texture baked in 3ds max software and texture painted in hand, for you down from 1200L to 199L !!!!!! yes it is 199L !! runnnn

also, please find all the little RED SHOES< they are on sale only 288L> yes it is 288L from 950L ... hope you enjoy!!

you deserve a shopping spree in this hectic world LOL

lots of loveeeeeeeeeeeee that's y i picked hte red shoes ==> lots of loves...

landmark to MAINSHOP , your private jet ===> << CLICK here to TELEPORT?>>

Friday, October 11, 2013

{{BSD Design studio}} inserarch of SUPERMODELS for vendor pics.

Dear supermodels,
how r u doing !

wanna be a supermodels for {{BSD Design studio}} vendors with your face all over the grid on every events?

this is the moment to show your talent and your beautiful face to the world.

how to apply ?
answer is simple:

Grab the latest {{BSD Design studio}} shoes released in oct.
can see the flickr date to see if your shoes are qualified .

and then take a snap shot with your stunning look and styling. and POST on the FLICKR GROUP
here: with the title

{{BSD Design studio}} INsearch of supermodels for VENDOR pics .

wala , you are done. nd wait fo the annocement in NOV1st.

Wanna see your face across the grids in ALL events.
Taxi to mainshop :http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kourinbou/157/35/22
Result will be announced in the above group and blog on Nov1st.

to be fair to everyone, the supermodels in the BSD Design studio group can't join this event.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

{{Model MUSE }} at SL FASHION week exclusively 75% off jsut for 1st week PROMO , {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh designs

Dear supermodels and friends,

TIme flies , another week , happy Friday , how was your week ? prepareing for the weeekend?

COME for the shopping spree at SL FASHION week , 75 % off just for 1st week promo, only 250L  original price 1000L for these gorgeous bubbles shoes with fine details, my finger hurts while nailing these pins on the heels lol

I have addicted to this one so much that i have tested with some brand new textures, and comes with golden and silver heels. ENJOY !


Landmark to MAINSHOP for previous weeks items <<<< CLICK HERE To TELEPORT>>

<333  Have fun !