Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{{Supermodel Drunna }} at the Couturier's docks , LIMITED edition ONLY 50 pairs each colour

 Hi there supermodels!!!!!!!
The winner for this month is Drunna metall, so the shoes is named after her {{Supermodel Drunna}}, wanna get the memorable shoes named after you  ? supermodel? check it out at the flickr group : 

This month at the Couturiers' Docks, we have exclusive high heels 50 limited with 50 % off, 4 colours..! don't miss the chance to get it 50% off at the couturiers docks ONLY 50 PAIRS each colour!!!!!!!!!!!and check out the fabalous italian designers at the event. 

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Monday, April 29, 2013

{{Stay cool model }} at ZENSHI edition {{BSD Design studio}} at ZENSHI south exclusive colour 30 % off for 7 days ONLY !

Model and photographer Jess orleans 
Shoes by Babychampagne sass ( RAW Pic  on shoes 0 

hi there,
we have ZENSHI edition for {{STAY cool model }} this week at 30 % only for 7 days at ZENSHI , including fatpack .! don't miss the chance to get this original mesh creation with best bargain price ! with skin hud and modifiable mesh ! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

{{REZZ day SALE 50% }} just for ONE day at {{BSD Design studio}}

Dear supermodels,
Today is my rezz day , so wanna share the joyful day , thanks alot supermodel anjelica carling reminding me of this big day lol lololol <333333  you are the best !! and show appreciation to all of you by having a FLASH Sale just for ONE day , all shoes are 50% off, except fatpack at mainshop  :

Limo here , all the VIPS, dont' forget to join group and get extra 200 L credits ! only for VIPS

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Friday, April 26, 2013

{{Stay Cool Model }} by {{BSD Design Studio}}

Dear super models and trendsetters, all my second life friends,

love you all ,this week , we have 3 new exclusive original mesh, one is girls 's best friend, stiletto shoes,
you will never  have to many shoes, if your man tells you that u have too many shoes, he doesn't know anything about girls .

- this {{ Stay cool model }} is inspired by my life motto {{ stay coo l}} even shit happnes lol .
stay cool , even things don't come out right, tomorrow is another day , that is the quote from my all time fav movie - " gone with the wind ' what scarlet said , when gabo decided to leave her . so no matter what happens , just stay cool ! lol

love you all, all the friends i met in second life means so much to me , and someone comes to your life for a lesson, some comes as blessings. and I m lucky to have you all ! <3 33333333
you are the best ever happened to me in second life <3333

thank you <3
Hang in there , my friend , !

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{{Stay cool Model }} original mesh high heels+ {{Sophisticated Model}}earrings + {{Tahiti beauty }} necklace fr {{BSD Design studio}} at Sl Fashion week

Dear supermodels + trend setters , 
we have 3 newexclusive mesh creations this week for SL Fashion week: 
1- {{Stay cool model}} original mesh high heels
2-{{Sophisticated model}} original mesharrings comes with 2 size , big black and mini-gold 
3-{{Tahiti Beauty }} original mesh necklace  

for you <3
ALL items are 70 % off and under 250 except fatpack just for ONE WEEK !! 
Have a GREAT weekend and indulge with luxurious sophisticated necklace,black pearl necklace from Tahiti  and glamorous high heels to  stay cool ! 

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{{ BSD Design studio}} NEW store Credits and 10000L lucky draw this month, 200L credit back for purchase above 300L for VIP

Hi there all supermodels out there  ,
ONE More good news, we have another lucky draw of 10000L credits of {{BSD Design studio}} for any purchase starting today 4/23. For each purchase, add ONE more chance to get the 10000L credit store card at BSD .

please also see the note card for the APRIL GROUP GIFT= 200L credits .


 new Store Credit vendor system, 1 % for non-group , 5 % for VIP Group member credit back

  APRIL - group gift = 200 L refund / or credit from each item u bought worth more than 300 L

our store has new credit system, so from now on , when you buy from {{BSD Design studio}} at mainshop except the sale event, the 5 % will be credit back to your account, which you can enjoy shopping with credits, and there is a CREDIT Terminal at the main entrance of the mainshop for you to check the credit balance, or add  / buy credits to purchase the products.
for eg. if you have 200L credits and want to buy a 699shoes ,  u can only spent 499 and buy the 499 credits at the credit terminal .. and click the vendor and choose " CREDIT" to buy the shoes.

have fun . .this 200L refund / is only for the items buy from us starting today 4/23 to may /7 only last for 1 week !

normaly credit back on single item or fatpack is 5%.



{{BSD Design studio}}


Saturday, April 20, 2013

SL Fashion week {{ Irrisistible necklace }} and Soho sample {{ Freedom Necklace}} featuring {{BSD Design studio}}

{{Freedom Necklace }} at Soho Sample Sale 

{{Irrisistible Necklace }} at SL FASHION week 

Dear Trend setters and Supermodels,
This week sl fashion week , we have the exclusive mesh {{Irrisistible Necklace }} at SL FASHION week
and {{Freedom Necklace }} at Soho Sample Sale !

Also, there is a Combo special Fatpack with 2 colours of Fashion guru , red and purple + Blue Rhapsody at SL FASHION week, if u missed those items last week, this is another chance to get them at really good price, 90% off ! 

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Monday, April 15, 2013

L accessoires April 13, featuring {{BSD Design studio}} - {{Fierce model}}

Dear trend setters, and supermodels,

We have another Exclusive mesh creations for sexy girls like you , exclusively at L 'accessoirs 30% off for this month<  have fun shopping and stay sexy >
this comes with 3 colours fatpack  and 10 colours fatpack . all 30% off <3 don't miss the chance to grab the new release at bargain price !


Stay FIERCE <rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrr> lol 

Friday, April 12, 2013

SL Fashion week featuring {{BSD Design Studio}}- Supermodel Amira handbag + Fashion Guru high heels

Hello dear trend setters , supermodels,
how r u this week, a new week again, this time at SLFashion week, we have 2 new exclusive items original mesh - {{Supermodel Amira }} handbag and {{ Fashion Guru}} - high heels for u !
<333333 stay stylish and  have fun shopping <333

SL Fashion week starts TODAY ! at 1 pmSLT. 
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