Sunday, December 30, 2012

{{ Post-party Syndrome}} resting at home

Model , photographer N' designer
Babychampagne sass
Hair// burley
outfit//Purplemoon designer'choice NEW!
Shoes//{{BSD Design Studio}} Minimalism boots - abstract blk @ L' accessoires ( dec cycle) NEW!
Scene setting
Details at previous blog- {{Getaway}} dated 27 dec 2012   

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

{{ Holiday Getaway}} featuring Creative Decay -obsidian mesh house Part 1

 photographer & styling // Babychampagne sass
House //Creative Decay-obsidian mesh house by evhalyn.serpente@ Creative Decay NEW store


pic4/5 details: 
Vase//White Orchid Wedding Set - Centerpiece by chessie.chengpang
Birdcage//LISP - Top Hat Lamp Stand - @collabar88-45L
Table//{{BSD Design Studio}}-  romantic table- grey@ {{BSD Design Studio}}marketplace
Hat// LISP-LISP - Top Hat Lamp Stand - touch on/off light(10L)
word decor//{af} Joyeaux Noel@ advant gift(50L)
Table//Black Nature  table by jc Eun
bronze statue decor//{{BSD Design Studio}}- Bronze Hat Hanger [M/C](comingsoon)
Lights//{{BSD Design Studio}}- Tubular light- titanium {{BSD Design Studio}} Market place


pic7 & 9 details( star viewing corner)
x'mas tree-Christmas tree Jessse  incl deco w/15candles  35 prim  5.6M  byDina Bade (350L)
boxes// Free- objects from shops
chair//*Tatty Soup* Lizzie Rocking Chair Brown Diamond.( 75L)discount
table//*Tatty Soup* Camden Suitcase Table..(45L)removal sale
table//*Tatty Soup* The Quiet Corner Chocolate(35L)removal sale
prints//*Tatty Soup* Shabby Believe Frame.(15L)
print2//*Tatty Soup* Shabby friend Frame.(15L)
print3//*Tatty Soup* Shabby dream Frame.(15L)
Telescope//EoD Telescope/wAni- end of world event item
*Tatty Soup* Milking Stool Tulips.( 35L)
Circular wall//{{BSD Design Studio}}- circular wall
pic 8 (fireplace corner)
fireplace//Apple fall- {af} Chateau Fire Advent day 6(50L)
fireplace decor 7 lilhgt//{af} Stuff Me Stocking Advent 7(50L)
light {af} String Lights Advent 7
decor on top//Trompe Loeil - Advent Calendar NOEL Blocks ( 25L)
Calenda box//Trompe Loeil - Advent Calendar 2012( free)
Latern on floor//Trompe Loeil - Advent Calendar Lantern(25L)
snow flake decor on top//Trompe Loeil - Advent Calendar Snowflake( 25L)
pinecone at bottom//[CIRCA] - "Festive Pinecone" Ribbon Candle - red (R)( 15L)
gift boxes//LISP - LISP - Pine Cone Gift Box with shadow16boxs(75L)
logs cabin//DIGS - Nature's Way Log Store [MESH]-hunt gift free
sleigh//Trompe Loeil - Advent Calendar Sleigh( 25L)
gift boxes at right /Apple fall -{a/f} Give a Gift 2( free)
deer on sleigh//d-lab sit Reindeer brown( 55L) 
plant//*FT* Pine Tree w Lights in Red Sack( hunt)
deer//Kids - Reindeer Rocking Horse( home for xmas hunt gift)
deer//Reindeer Rocking Horse( home for xmas hunt gift)
lighting//DANDELION Pendant Lamp( 149L)

Living Room furniture comes with the house
sofa//comes with the house
decor wall with tv //comes wtih the house
center table//cwth
tv wall decor
xmas decor// swag bunting deco 5 primby Dina bade (75L)
horne//Trompe Loeil - Advent Calendar French Horn(25L)
butterfly decor//Red Butterfly Picture( 5L) LISP 10L bazaar
butterfly decor2//Yellow Butterfly Picture(5L)
bird//Sparrow Perky( 10l)
art decor//{{BSD Design Studio}} Gold Stick Decor
table //{{BSD Design Studio}}- Tree Table ( brown)( with shadow)[C/M]
lamp//{{BSD Design Studio}}3-legs lamp
plant//*Tatty Soup* Potted Iris Burgundy.( 35l)
plant2//*Tatty Soup* Milking Stool Snake Plant.(35L)
latern//LISP - Lullaby Lantern Noir - (10L)
LISP Lullaby Lantern White -(10L)
basket//LISP - Anna Wood Basket Dark(10L)
plant//*Tatty Soup* Potted Iris Peachy
plant//*Tatty Soup* Potted Iris Purple Multi.
plant//.*Tatty Soup* Croton Plant Sack (green)
cupboard//EoD Hunting Lodge Decor 4 p( End of the world item)
deerdecor//EoD Hunting Lodge Decor Deer wall 3(EOWF)
bookcase//LISP - Fiery Chilli Bookcase(10L)
LISP-Sparrow Swing (10L)
piano//LISP - Piano with sits  - Noir Wood (with music)
plant on piano//-Hanaya- Aloe Plant in Square Planter
plant //MudHoney Snake Plant in beat up vase
vicker vase//O. Wicker Vase( Cwth)
rug//DIGS - Nature's Way Rug [MESH](hunt)
LISP - Pillow Box ( 10L)
lamp//floorplan. mason jar chandelier / yellow & white( 55L)
decor on centre table
vase//floorplan. mason jar chandelier / yellow & white(10L)
food//: ) BCC macaron Paper bag Chocolate
coffee mug//Table/Book/Mug Set
coffee jar//{af} 1st Day of Christmas - Coffee Maker(50L)
cake//open book(10L)
tray//{what next} Chocolatier Drinks Tray (with steam FX)(55L)
decor on sofa
notebook//[AF] iFall Notebook
earphone///artilleri/ Phonograf earphones (floor) *white*
lamp//{AF} Manhattan Table Lamp(with love hunt)
table//{{BSD Design Studio}}- Tree Table ( brown)( with shadow)[C/M]
magazines//[AF] MAGAZINES
<33333 babychampagne sass
 This house is absolutely a master piece in second life, this with the modern twist, sleek design with the mood of mysterious dark elegance. The architectural details and texture is really good with finely detailed tailored windows/ doors with security systems.The house is fully furnished with living room, dining room, kitchen,boxing room and bedroom above. Each room with animated furnitures, living room with the fine detailed/ animated fans/ tv walls with decor and you can just move in after purchasing. Here is the challenge for me to take shots with ONLY hunt gifts and 10L budget furnitures and see how it goes. SO, don't tell me you don't have linden to get furnitures.. FINE furnitures are only10L or below 100L if you know the way to find them ! ^ ^
shhhhhhhh...... are they look expensive . .wakakakaka
hey.. don't forget the hunt prize and lucky boards at Creative Decay!! they are giving out Homes for free!!! Come and have a look of this brilliant home design shop! you won't be disappointed! they have demo platforms.
Well.. this is only PART 1, the other rooms , will be blogged soon.

Landmark for the SHOPS maily used in this Blog is below:

Creative decay -*Obsidian* Mesh Home  -Marketplace
{{BSD Design Studio}}-{{BSD Design Studio}}@ the nest
The arcade-@ the grove u must know it !
Tatty Soup-NEW Location- Tatty Soup new store
(the discount shop maybe over now. but worth to visit the new store, they have plenty of good deals)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

White Christmas

Model N Photographer
BabyChampagne sass
Dress from Azul 50% off at store
Hair from boom
earrings from purplemoon 2nd Hunt gift item #9
Happy boxing Day!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

minimalism boots

minimalism boots by Babychampagne
minimalism boots, a photo by Babychampagne on Flickr.

Model Left , photographer N'designer
babychampagne sass
model right
Anjelica Carling
my dearest friends,
This time, let me introduce you the reggied- mesh design boots with high heels.
there are 10 colours and 3 colours pack too.
Come and have a look .
Exclusive items at L'accessoires cycle dec.
and don't forget there is a photo contest! come and join us, have fun shopping ! ^^
Taxi here :


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Corbeau - featuring End of the world Fair exclusive items

Model , stylist, photographer N' designer
Babychampagne sass

Necklace // {{BSD Design Studio}}-Corbeau - feather / without feather
Shawl//{{BSD Design Studio}} see -through shawl

Hi again,
This month is really a happy busy month, alot of exciting events. another one will soon be out is the End of the world Event, though i don't really believe in the day of ending on 12/21.
Do you think it is kinda difficult to find the perfect match? don't worry, i make one perfect match for you and your feather boa. This necklace to complete the set. 
Necklace is exclusive original mesh comes with 2 styles, with and without feathers for YOU to match with the feather boa shoes...  ALSO, i made the sexy see-through shawl for you to add a sexy backdrop for your necklace for you to pose in front of the camera and catch all the focus of glamorous world .
So, get a necklace for a new born you on this day. the event starts on 12/15.

taxi here :

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{{ snowing snowing !! }} featuring FROST event item 12/12/12 to 12/30/12

Meimei Shiu (MVW Miss China 2013)
Photographer N designer
Babychampagne sass
Shoes //{{BSD Design Studio}} Diva- wicker colour style 1
shoes right//{{BSD Design Studio}}Diva- Orange colour style 1
 Limo here , open door for u : {{BSD Design Studio}} at the FROST

Hi friends,
How are you today! It almost x'mas in less than few weeks! Its time to get your love some brilliant new shoes Named { DIVA} . This is definitely good way to tell her she is the "DIVA" in your mind!

This new design is made exclusively from scratch with non-rigged Mesh, which u can modify.
Especially for FROST event ! Each design comes with 2 colours of heel for u to mix and match with cool or warm Tone of your outfits. ^^

Come to this beautiful MONOCHROME Sim and take some snap shots and enjoy shopping with your love !

Merry x'mas!!
Babychampagne sass
Realising dream shoes for u

Details of Diva


Photographer N designer

Babychampagne sass

Shoes //{{BSD Deisgn Studio}} Diva- beige   colour style 1 &2
Shoes //{{BSD Deisgn Studio}} Diva- misson colour style 1 &2
shoes right//{{BSD Design Studio}}Diva- wicker colour style 1&2
there are total 9 colours for you to choose

Limo here , open door for u : {{BSD Design Studio}} at the FROST

Hi friends,
How are you today! It almost x'mas in less than few weeks! Its time to get your love some brilliant new shoes Named { DIVA} . This is definitely good way to tell her she is the "DIVA" in your mind!

This new design is made exclusively from scratch with non-rigged Mesh, which u can modify.
Especially for FROST event ! Each design comes with 2 colours of heel for u to mix and match with cool or warm Tone of your outfits. ^^

Come to this beautiful MONOCHROME Sim and take some snap shots and enjoy shopping with your love !

Merry x'mas!!
Babychampagne sass
Realising dream shoes for u

Sunday, December 9, 2012

{{Flying high}} Featuring winter festival

{{Flying high}} Featuring winter festival by Babychampagne
{{Flying high}} Featuring winter festival, a photo by Babychampagne on Flickr.

On Left
Model, stylist & photographer
Sookie Corbeau
( winner of photographer  L accessoires cycle Nov)
On right,
photographer N' Designer
Babychampagne sass
Dear friends and fashionistas!
so happy to see all of you here in Sl. and this item is Exclusive item created for winter fair - winter collection ( total 3 )
the inspiration is from meeting the A-list celebrities in SL, the popular avs and those we enjoy meeting and be inspired and get inspired!
so this design is named after the A-list celebrity in Sl. and delicated to their hardwork and creations/ contribution / awareness/ fighting for justice etc..
so GRAP one yours ! A-list celebrity is for YOU !  They are perfect for your RED carpet catwalk!
Babychampange sass
Details / map blogged :"
Limo for you :"

FRoST event Flyer- 12.12.12 to 1.2.13

Friday, December 7, 2012

{{ Waiting for you }}

Model, stylist, photographer N' Designer
Babychampagne Sass
Top//*LpD* - *French* Dress for the With Love Hunt [With love hunt #62]
Skirt//:: PM :: Lua Top + Milana Skirt [[With love hunt #3]
Purse//The Secret Store - Tiny Satchel - Scarlet _ The Arcade event
Necklace//h.m.a.e.m. - teodora - earings & necklaces
Gloves// Baiastice_Leather short gloves-camel
Boots// {{BSD Design Studio}} Couple Equestrian boots (brown)[EXCLUSIVE] at Winter Fair
Taxi to Winter Fair : Winter Fair Landmark here

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{{Opera House}} -featuring Winter Fair item

{{Opera House}} -featuring Winter Fair item by Babychampagne
{{Opera House}} -featuring Winter Fair item, a photo by Babychampagne on Flickr.

photo on left
model, style n photo by
Anjelica Carling
photo on right
styling n photographer by
Babychampagne Sass

Hi there,
For this design, the design intention is inspired by sydney opera house by architect Jørn Utzon, Ove Arup built in 1958. with the dynamic free flow of form peeling out from the main structure.
more details here :"This is the 2nd exclusive item at Winter fair from {{BSD Design Studio}}.  See the map attached .. it is down at the left corner ^^
each comes with 2 types of heel colours.
with one colour at discounted price.

taxi here:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter solistice-- featuring Winter fair items

Couple Equestrian boots have 8 Colours, Rigged- mesh 4 size for both Male and Femal with the spurs and tiet bands at sides.

Model , stylist, photographer N' Designer
Babychampagne sass

Cardigon//  =Zenith=(Pack#4)Long Vest with belt(wear to unpack)! Zenith Fashion
necklace //LaGyo_Cherub necklace (Dressing room past event)
headpiece//Chopyzuey gift Itsy Bitsy Spider Fascinator (group gift)
earring//h.m.a.e.m. - teodora - earings & necklacesH.m.a.e.n
Boots// {{BSD Design Studio}} Couple Equestrianr Boots - purple ( Winter Fair exclusive) NEWwinter fair
handbag//The Secret Store - Tiny Satchel - Mustard Polka( The arcade Gotcha )


Friday, November 30, 2012

[FW collection 2012]- {{BSD Design studio}}

model stylist,photographer N' designer
Babychampagne sass

hey hey hey,

This time, i have designed something for your special one, significent half. the unisex. couple equestrian boots. this comes with 6 colours. and they both good for slim skinny pants.
Try demo first! it is rigged mesh, non modified items..

As you may not know, the design from {{BSD Design Studio}} are unique made and custom made with 3d software which is not from fashion template ... so it is UNIQUE! kee kee

so exciting for the first winter fair i entered this year! come and have a look. the new collection of FW collection are selling at the fair exclusively!

happy x'mas , its time for early shopping for fun. IF you wanna send this as a gift.. don't hestitate to drop me a note card and tranction of money and i will send the gift to your friend.

THE winter fair starts from 12/1 to 12/15 . and the
landmark is here WINTER FAIR


Friday, November 23, 2012

{{ singer ICon Fair }} starts NOW 24//11

model, stylist, photograhper n' designer
Babychampagne Sass
Hi there.. there is another exciting Fair going on in many events on this thanksgiving day! Happy thanksgiving btw. !! ^^
The singer icon fair is to pay tribute to the pop stars who gave us joy through their music, and each of the designer will pick an icon as inspiration for the design.n me , pick the Lady gaga, who is a Diva for unique shoes in real life. and the inspiration came from the beijing olympic stadium - birdnest. with the dynamic geometry of the shoe base under the velvet shoe sole and skin. all made from scratch idea, and 3d software , as u may not know, {{BSD design studio}} is opt for unique design and original is the key design intention without using template. so you can't find another one exact shoes in second life ! ENJOY and be UNIQUE!! all the sexy gorgesou friends !!
LIMO here : it starts in few hours .. on 24.11  COME and see alot of shops around 60 shops! and live DJ, alot of free gifts !! have fun !! see you there <3333

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{{ Strut the runway for 2LEI }} a meaningful event to support abused domestic women.


November 25, 2012 h. 1 pm SL Time
Please join us as we, women of all ages and socio-economic standards spotlight the designs of the “Anonymous Women’s Designers” of Second Life who have so kindly offered inventory for a runway show highlighting the cycles of abuse so many women endure in our world. We are women, standing up for women less fortunate than ourselves. We are women who have endured abuse at the hands of others and have found a means to break the cycle. We are women who just want to help, to highlight and showcase that we are aware of this abuse and we will find a voice to stop the abuse. Will you please join us to show you as well, want the atrocity to stop?
CSW Island - taxi
AD Creations Dollhouse by Aliza Karu
Angel Dessous by Nando Korobase
Baoba by Petalos Clary
Blackliquid by Blackliquid Tokyoska
{{BSD Design Studio}} by BabyChampagne Sass
Chrysalis by Kristine Lowey
Countdown by AntoniaXP Resident
Desir by Vivien Emerald
Drift by Kallisto Destiny
Evolve by Reign Congrejo
Fashions By Ebony Seorn
Gizza by Giz Seorn
INMONSTER by Inmost Resident
Kim Rongyu
Kawaii Dolls by Catlyn Sahara
*LpD* by Nevery Lorakeet
Molochino by Aurelia Chaveau
Moondance Boutique by Kathrin Dassin
Purple Moon by Poulet Koenkamp
*SoliDea FoliEs* by Mila Tatham
Styles by Gottard by Sofia Vectoscope
Urban Lutz by Taylor Wassep

extracted from  Cao- Miss VW korea 2012 flickr page.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

{{Winter is coming to town}}

Model, photographer n' Designer
Babychampagne sass

Top//Ricielli - THE HALLOWEEN HUNT #item 06 ( purple mesh coat)
Pants//:: PM ::Skinny Jeans in Cherry [MESH]purplemoon
shoes//{{BSD Design studio}}orange rhapsody style 1 ( exclusive at L' acessoires )Taxi to L accessories
necklace// !.RR.!BeauTassels( exclusive at L' acessoires) Taxi to L accessories

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

L'accessoires November Promo + Black Friday Sale!

L'accessoires November Promo + Black Friday Sale! by ciel{ 天 }este
L'accessoires November Promo + Black Friday Sale!, a photo by ciel{ 天 }este on Flickr.
Cycle 4 of L’accessoires (November) is opening soon at 0:00 on November 15th til December 8th!! This month, we have the following amazing designers with us:

{{BSD Design Studio}}
Bliss Couture
Glam Affair
La Penderie de Nicole
REMY | Reminisce
Solidea Folies

We would also like to announce the Black Friday Sale that will be taking place November 23 – 26!! It will be featuring current L’accessoires designers as well as past ones! Get ready for some major shopping!

See you soon at L’accessoires November cycle~
Taxi to L ' accessories
– Groupe Le PonPon

Sunday, November 11, 2012

{{Blue Rhapsody }} L 'accessories Nov round

photographer N' Designer
Babychampagne sass

Hey dear friends,

The new round of L ' accessories is coming soon, this post is a peek preview for the new design from {{BSD Design studio}} - Blue Rhapsody  glamorous high heels.
Have you got the same difficulty to find a pair of sexy glamorous high heels to match with your lace cocktail dress? sometimes, leather is too strong to match lace cocktail dress. So I got the idea to design some high heels with lace to match with the coctail dress which will complet the total look.

I hope you like them too.
come and have a look ,

Ps. Good news is , for new round of L accessories, each designer  will have 1 item of the exclusive items will be marked down from normal price for celebrating thanksgiving.. and don't miss this chance to get your fav designers' stock with lower price this round..

landmark here Taxi to L' accessories here ! stay tuned! 11/15 /2012

Happy thanksgiving in advance !!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pegan poetry themed featured at INSPIRATION Bk2 - designed/styled by babychampagne sass



Pagen Poetry Set
pic1 ,2Living Room Area
Ceiling hanging lights | BBC-Mood-swing lights (white) @ {{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
Deer hone wall mount decor|LISP - Antler Candles White @ LISP
Sofa |TTR Antique-Queen's Boudoir Gilt Sofa Settee @ Tatiana's Tea Room - Fine French Tatiana's tea roomAntiques ( colour modified )
Fireplace| fireplace @ Tableau Vivant~
Carpet | BBC- Grey Sheep Carpet @{{BSD Design Studio}} TP here 
Pebble Decor| Pebbles by{{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
Birds on Fireplace| Hunt gifts by 2xite
Bird on sofa |LISP - Single RavenLISP
woodden Central table| Curve Patio Table white wood @ Trompe Loeil ( texture modified  )
Bird cage on floor| TA Bird Cages@ TARTESSOS ARTSTartessos arts
Bird cage next to fire place|Bird in a Gilded Cage w/sounds @ Closer to the heart creations
Green bottle glass| The Loft - Glass Bottles White ( colour modifed ) The loft
Golden Linear Decor | FreeFlow {{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
Plant|MudHoney Snake Plant in beat up vase @ Mudhoney ( size modified )
Vase on central table |*chronokit* lily blue
Golden Scuplture on table| BBC_ Gold-Box scultpture @{{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
Vase on fireplace|gift from Mamia
Antique music player| gramophone--norah jones @ CLEO DESIGN
Decor on side table |The Loft -Dahila DecorThe loft
Side seats |Abiss Interior Side table dark ( texture modified)
 table |Noir Low Bench Table @ LISP by Pandora PopstarLISP
Candles| candle -Full Permissions by Finn Jensen
Wallpaper|Grunge Antique French wall paper @ {{BSD Design Studio}} TP here

pic3.Side window corner
Painting |Feather boa @{{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
Armchairs| comfy chair {mono} @ !bang
CHase box decor |PATRON Anubis Chest by Eliza Wierwight & Contour @ PATRON
Antique side table |{CC} design console table with anubis @ Mamia
Glass of Orchid |White Orchid Wedding Set - Centerpiece @**Weddings By Nienna Wood**
Vase on floor |Vase of Flax @ .Designerprims
Pet bed | Baroque Pet Bed @ Collabor88 Special by kitty cats
pic5 Coffee Corner
Light |Catheral Chandelier - valentine special edition - white  @ CIRCA
Coffe Chairs |  Chelsey Cafe Set- Cafe chair @ Mudhoney
pic 6 bed room area{{BSD Design Studio}} TP here
light | Lotus Side Lamp 2 Scribble by Furniture @ Culprit
BatBathtub | antique bath tub couple posed@ reBourne prefab skybox

- Skybox [ba] Fabienne- pied-a-tierre- @ Collabor88  by Barnesworth Anubis @  [ BA]