Friday, August 30, 2013

{{Modern Muse}} fr {{BSD Design studio}} at SL FASHION week opens on 8/30- at 1pmSLT today!!!

Dear Supermodels n friends,

This week, at sl Fashion week, I have made a new sky high heels for you {{MODERN MUSE}}, 

this comes with12 colours and at 75% off Just for 1st week launching PROMOTION. 

and it has 12 colours fatpack best buy !! don't forget to join group and get 10% credit refund and grab your group gift set at mainshop , with hint to get 1L handbag at the Crawl back to school hunt in zenshi. 

landmark to SL FASHION WEEK opens today at 1pmSLT .. <3

Happy Friday!!!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NEW GROUP Gift set {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh shoes + hint/ location to get the 1L bag

Dear trend setters and supermodels, 

This is time to get the free group gift set-  {{ the post modernism }} bag and Shoe set ! at mainshop .
come and get them before they are out , they are limited !! 

the hint and location of how to get the bag is inside the group gift folder notecard, with landmark and hint, the bag cost 1Linden which worth 400L and more. 

Also, there is a " BACK TO SCHOOL 55L SALE Corner "" at the mainshop ! don't forget to go get the 1L, 10L, and 50L new gifts at " THE 24 EVENTS" it ends soon!!!!! and the limited SHOES !!! only 275L, which worth 750L  and the black leather will NOT go back to mainshop!!

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Teleport to " THE 24 EVENT" ===> << TELEPORT to 24 event >> end soon!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

dear supermodels and friens,

Summer time ends so fast! n its time to pack for school... we have 
{{BACK To school Sale }} selected items at 55L , look for this poster at the corner of the garden
outside, near the entrance at the mainshop<33

have fun and prepare to be back to school! 

taxi to Mainshop ===> << TELEPORT HERE >>

Friday, August 23, 2013

dear supermodels and friens ,

the 24 event OPENS NOw !!! {{Supermodel mvw}} limited 100 pairs edition here , and this black  colour will not go back to mainstore.. only the black croco and raw will . and 75% off just for this event exclusively!!

Landmark , click the teleport here ===> << TELEPORT HERE >>

and there are loads of gifts and parties !! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

{{Supernatural power }} tattoo , fr {{BSD Design studio}} at the Seraphim social event .

Dear friends and supermodels, 

This month, Seraphim social event, have the themed of the latest moive, " city of Fones" , kee kee kee, 

so i have made the supernatural power tattoo for your make up party, 

{{Supernatural Power}} tattoo at Seraphim social event <3 

dress by my dearest friend ,sha sha, pure poison. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{{my bamboo bag }} fr {{BSD design studio}} for SL Fashion week , Starts on AUG 23 .

Dear supermodels and friends,

This weekend, has 2 events opening on Friday! Apart from THE 24 event, As usual SL FASHION week has NEW releases from {{BSD Design studio}} at 75 % off just on theFirst1st week release promo. 

{{My bamboo bag}} will be released on Friday at 1pm SLT , At SL FASHION WEEK, new exclusive original mesh designs. hope u like them. 
Has 14 colours and 3 fatpack types, ,7 colours fatpack and 14 colours fatpack . 

{{supermodel mvw }} fr {{BSD ddesign studi}} limited for THE 24 , coming soon on AUG 23 rd

dear friends and supermodels, 

Here we have another new releases for THE 24 event , will be opened on AUG 23 rd, The black one is 100 pairs limited, and will not be back to mainshop after event. 

This comes with 12 colours fatpack too, all at 50% off just for this event !!! 
{{BSD Design studio}} is located at teh Pink zone ( female fashion) . dont' forget to get the new 1L, 10L, 50L gifts and the Gatcha Machines in every shop ! 

Landmark  ===> << TELEPORT HERE >>

These will be available at THE 24 EVENT, on AUG 23 rd . 

< 3 have fun ! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Dear friends and fashionistas,

did u survive at the Facebook tornado last week? millions of account was shut down. and i heard that u need to prove your account and stay alive by input your own id address or certification, but heard about the snowden case, i doubt to put my personal details on it .... please becareful..

and now we have another connection website to stay tuned with your beloved friends and fashion lovers,
please add me {{BSD Design studio}} , on this link  to stay connected with the latest news and informations.

love you all ,
good luck!
stay cool and stay fashionable, and above all, stay UNIQUE, and CONNECTED ! lol

LINK === >


{{Japanese bettle Bag}} fr {{BSD Design studio}} at SL FASHION WEEK new round 8 16 @ 1 pm slt !>3

Dear supermodels, and friends, 

How are you , did u survive the tornado on facebook page? I felt so funny seeing all posting RL pic and suddenly all go back sl images lol, i heard that you dont' need to post real life pic and just need to input the real ID name on the general account setting and prooving that it is not an autobolt but a human behind the account. <3 

we always have SL bugsss and friends lost items or notecard whenever i sent to them, also, these bags are inspired by the real life japanese beetle... and hope u like them lol 

your private jet to SL FASHION week -=== > << TELEPORT HERE >>

SL fashion week opens on FRIDAY 8.16 at 1pm slt <3