Wednesday, July 31, 2013

THE BOX new round featuring {{STYLE decontruction}} by {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh Creations

Dear friends, 

Good news, {{BSD Design studio}} is certified as ORIGINAL mesh creations, and we have this new releases exclusively for THE BOX monthly event starts on 8.1 ! 

{{Style decontruction}} comes with 6 colours and 70% off just for the 1st month promotion. <3

Landmark at here : <<TELEPORT HERE >>


dear friends,

Fantasy gacha fair opens today!!!!  find us at the bazaar - at the inner courtyard at the corner..

details of the official blog here :
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each time 50 L to 70 L . .and {{BSD Design studio}} has prepare the RARE petite Castle for u !! <3

have fun gacha

Friday, July 26, 2013

Dear freinds and supermodels,

Happy Friday, new release this week, at SL Fashion week,  supermodel Mariesoleil , 75 % just for first week for pormotion.

SL Fashion week nnew round opens at 1pm slt

landmark :

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Fair Coming soon on 7.31 {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh creations

Dear friends ,

I have made a Castle for Petites fairies at the " FANTACY GACHA FAIR " which will be open soon on . 7/31, This will be the RARE item in the gacha machine, which the rest will be the bangles.. LOL

hope you like the new castle i built for your petites friends.... landmark will be posted soon . Follow the blog <333

Babychampagne sass

Monday, July 22, 2013

COMIC BOOK 01 | By Babychampagne sass - ONE FINE DAY @ second life 2013

Dear friends and supermodels, 

It is always fun wondering around in second life exploration , hanging around, meeting new friends in new environment. I saw so many wonderful places here and so i have the idea to make a comic book to record one day of my life in second life wondering aroundd.. and hunting... having fun.. .sorting out mysterious hunts...

here it is the comic book01 | ONE FINE DAY in second life 2013 

hope you like it <3333 

Directed by Me lol 
Cast- babychampagne sass
Director -Babychampagne sass lolol 
camera man - babychampagne sass lololol 
post production team- babychampagne sass lolololol


INTERVIEW {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh creations from shoes to architecture @ MODELSLISSUE 3

dear friends and supermodels,

I am flattered to be interviewed by MODEL ISSUE magazine issue 3, this month ,  thanks dear thanks for the interview, ti is my honoured to share my space , part of me in second life with you . it was ful and meaningful to participated as the builder in SL 10 B celeration sim and hope u all enjoy the interview<333

Link of the magazine - >


Sunday, July 21, 2013

{{Summer lover }} at SHOE FAIR 50% off , shoe Fair ends on 7/31 soon!!!!

Dear friends and supermodels,

Please come and have  look fo the new release at shoe fairs .the fair will end soon on 7/31 , 50% off just for promtion.

Landmark to SHOE FAIR 2013--->

A scene for your photo shoot _ {{BSD Design studio}} at the NEW Monthly event : Seraphim Social - NEW monthly event

(((((((((((((((((((((Raw pics just crop, - THE scenery is for photo shooting.. and it is fun making this, ))))))))

Dear supermodels and trend setters,

So many event this summer, how was your weekend ? wanna wrap up with the amazing new release original mesh shoes - {{Summer lover }} red- at SHOE FAIR 2013 , and take a pic with the scene setting props. from this new event seraphim social _ will be open soon in just 2 days.... and hopefully you will enjoy this and have fun <33333

Landmark to SHOE FAIR 2013 === > TELEPORT HERE

and stay tuned for the new event.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

FOOD FAIR 2013 dollarbie !! at {{BSD Design studio}}

FIRST FOOD Fair in Second life, Featuring {{BSD Deisgn studio}} 

Dear Second life friends,
COME To the food fair !! did u remember the last time you eat at sl ?? dont' starve your av lol 

alot of cute stuffs here , with candi bags, cup cakes , chocolate giver ,only 25L !!! and apple cluctch bag... 
sandwishes , nugget .. .alot of cute things !! gotta come and see 

and GET The dollarbie gift  at {{BSD Design studio}} !! <333333333333 STay FULL !!! lolololol

Friday, July 19, 2013

SLFOOD Fair 2013 Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} -hungry for sl food ? wanna pick some candies bag? dollabie gifts ?

Dear friends and trend setters, 

We have the honoured to be the sponsor of the FOOD FAIR 2013, please come and have a look <333

Urban chic bags with food fair edition here <333 


stay fashionable and stay cute !!

SHOE FAIR 2013 VENUE pic - story of a shoe master ( Second life shoe fair 2013)

Once there was a RL shoe master saying : " I hate peopel saying your shoes look comfortable" ... yes we know sky high heels are fashionable .. and we don't mind a little bit hurt with the killer heels, and yet ,  i think . .
THIS is sooo good for Second life... the shoes artistic side is purely for aesthetic and we can have NO pain to get the best to look with fashion ,see how good second life is for shoe lovers ?? do u collect shoes ?? what do you collect in second life? well, as a shoe lover, i collect shoesssss <333

and this time, the SHOE FAIR 2013 is such as good chance for shoe lovers to collect new releases shoes with 50 % discount on new releases and at the same time hunting for the hidden  FREE gifts at shops ,, and the DISCOUNT bazaar HIDDEN one of the row of the shops,, sooooo don't miss that . u can get fabalous shoes with great bargain price just at this FAIR >> also , there is a PHOTO Contest that you will have the chance to win 14000L cash prize and show the photographer skills you have to the world.. .and gain the prestige title as " BEST SHOE BLOGGER" how good it can be to add up on the list of achievement as a supermodel and super blogger and have a chance to have free shoes from a sponsor shop for the rest of your second life here ?? <333

and jessica parker in sex and the city once said , " you can't have too many shoes "  !! lolololol and all girls need the best in their life at least one pair from a shoe master lol and second life,  we CAN have alot lolol not just one lololol

Landmark : TELEPORT HERE at shoe fair

Details on the PHOTO CONTEST here ;

Thursday, July 18, 2013

SL FASHION WEEK New ROUND 7/19 1 pmslt featuring {{BSD Design studio}}

Dear my lovely supermodels, trend setters and friends,

This round of SL Fashion week starts soon today! 1pmslt
NEW Exclusive Metallic fashionable Bag with 10 colours !!! only 1028!!!

and separate ones are 250L with pose and no pose for your beautiful fashion shots. !
stay fashionable and stay cool!! this fashion season, METALLIC is ON!!!!!
50% off just for ONE week promotion at SL FASHION WEEK.

u need a METALLIC bag to finish the trendy look<333


PHOTO CONTEST For SHOE FAIR 2013 CASH PRICE 14000L ++++ store credits

Dear trend setters , supermodels, super bloggers ,

A new photo contest for SHOE FAIR 2013 , to gina this TITLE {{ BEST shoe BLogger}} at shoe fair 2013, and cash price starting from 10000 L or more ... and store credits ..

the winner will get the title of {{ BEST SHOE BLOGGER}}  voting and nominated by the shop owner .

and only blogger and customers are eligible to enter, shop owners cannot enter this contest. so to be more fair to everyone .

on flickr :  GROUP  HERE

please post the image with items purchased at shoe fair 2013, with the following: of the item ,
2. the shop name and link at the shoe fair.

each one / account can only post 3 ( limits) of picture to enter. .

the best will win the title of {{BEST SHOE BLOGGER}} and 10000L cash price, and store credits

result willbe annouchend one week after the fair ends.

Landmark to SHOE FAIR 2013 ===>

{{Summer lover}} at SHOE fair 2013 Featuring {{BSD Design studio}}

photo by sookie corbeau

Dear Trend setters and supermodels,

HOW r you , the summer time is soooo hot ,,,, we need ice cream and hot shoes lol

these are NEW exclusive new releases from {{BSD Design studio}} - summer lover- black.

Grab the taxi and run for this hot shoes for your HOT body, and let people envy you !!! 50% off  EXCLUSIVE original mesh <3333333333333

{{Summer lover }} by {{BSD Design studio}} SHOE FAIR 2013landmark :
landmark :

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{{POSH model }} at SHOE FAIR 2013 -featuring {{BSD Design studio}} OPENS NOW !!!

Dear trend setters , 

SHOP FAIR 2013 finally opens!! NEW Release at 50% off for this fair , runnnnnn ... 

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