Saturday, April 6, 2013

Avenue Fashion week - feauturing { TORN} & {{BSD Design studio}}

Model and photographer //Babychampagne sass

Outfit featuring AVENUE fashion week - {Torn}
Hat// {{BSD Design studio}}- Elegance hat - Mysterious black with white rose - at {{BSD Design studio}} Mainshop
bangels// pure poison- PP- Rock Leather Studds Bracelets 
necklace//{{BSD Design studio}} fashionistas necklace- grey- teleport=> {{BSD Design studio}} Mainshop
belt// {{BSD Design stuifo}} Post-modern belt - shining black => {{BSD Design studio}} Mainshop
outfit//{TD}Tara-White - teleport => Avenue Fashion show gallery
bag// {{BSD Design studio}} character bag- Miss Interior designer at {{BSD Design studio}} Mainshop
Shoes //{{BSD Design studio}} Supermodel leDA- glittering white -hollywood event exclusive- teleport=> Hollywood EVENT

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