Monday, May 27, 2013

AIM Accessoires Fashion Show 2013 - Featuring {{BSD Design studio}} SS Collection 2013

photographer Babychampagne sass
model : From left to right
Precise. frimon
Diana balhaus
Jamee binder
Vivane Drasilova
aim model
Guest: Miss ZionP - {{BSD design studio}} VIP   Trend setter

The models are wearing from left to right  -
{{BSD Design studio}} Fearless Model - Red  EXCLUSIVE at Garage Fair @ TELEPORT
{{BSD Design studio}} Fierce - silver-  At mainshop @TELEPORT HERE
{{BSD Design studio}} Toilles de jouy - green simplicity EXCLUISVE at L'acessoiresat TELEPORT
{{BSD Design studio}} Retro model- Orange - At mainshop, SLFW cycle18 @TELEPORT HERE

{{BSD Design studio}} Main shop landmark : TELEPORT HERE

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