Monday, July 22, 2013

COMIC BOOK 01 | By Babychampagne sass - ONE FINE DAY @ second life 2013

Dear friends and supermodels, 

It is always fun wondering around in second life exploration , hanging around, meeting new friends in new environment. I saw so many wonderful places here and so i have the idea to make a comic book to record one day of my life in second life wondering aroundd.. and hunting... having fun.. .sorting out mysterious hunts...

here it is the comic book01 | ONE FINE DAY in second life 2013 

hope you like it <3333 

Directed by Me lol 
Cast- babychampagne sass
Director -Babychampagne sass lolol 
camera man - babychampagne sass lololol 
post production team- babychampagne sass lolololol


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