Monday, July 30, 2012

MISS VIRTUAL WORLD BabyChampagne Sass July Live Audition Outfit

Styling , model & photographer
Babychampagne Sass

Dear friends,
I am honoured to be chosen to walk the Live Audition in July 2012 for Miss Virtual World contest, this is my first time, I passed the causal and formal gown checking by renowned Mr. Frolic Mills and walk before the judges. This lovely gown is designed by my fabulous dearest Miffyhoi Rosca, owner of Zenith Fashion. She made this gown for me for this special event exclusively. This is not out yet and it will be out soon. Wish you like my styling. Love you all. Special thanks to my true friends who support me no matter what and stay with me when I take challenges, this really warm my heart. You are here with me everytime i take challenges, I am so happy to having you as best friends in SL & RL.

Sorry to let you down, my dearest friends . I will try harder and improve next time.
Love all your supports and fav in hearts, I truely felt beloved !!!


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