Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Corbeau - featuring End of the world Fair exclusive items

Model , stylist, photographer N' designer
Babychampagne sass

Necklace // {{BSD Design Studio}}-Corbeau - feather / without feather
Shawl//{{BSD Design Studio}} see -through shawl

Hi again,
This month is really a happy busy month, alot of exciting events. another one will soon be out is the End of the world Event, though i don't really believe in the day of ending on 12/21.
Do you think it is kinda difficult to find the perfect match? don't worry, i make one perfect match for you and your feather boa. This necklace to complete the set. 
Necklace is exclusive original mesh comes with 2 styles, with and without feathers for YOU to match with the feather boa shoes...  ALSO, i made the sexy see-through shawl for you to add a sexy backdrop for your necklace for you to pose in front of the camera and catch all the focus of glamorous world .
So, get a necklace for a new born you on this day. the event starts on 12/15.

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