Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Details of Diva


Photographer N designer

Babychampagne sass

Shoes //{{BSD Deisgn Studio}} Diva- beige   colour style 1 &2
Shoes //{{BSD Deisgn Studio}} Diva- misson colour style 1 &2
shoes right//{{BSD Design Studio}}Diva- wicker colour style 1&2
there are total 9 colours for you to choose

Limo here , open door for u : {{BSD Design Studio}} at the FROST

Hi friends,
How are you today! It almost x'mas in less than few weeks! Its time to get your love some brilliant new shoes Named { DIVA} . This is definitely good way to tell her she is the "DIVA" in your mind!

This new design is made exclusively from scratch with non-rigged Mesh, which u can modify.
Especially for FROST event ! Each design comes with 2 colours of heel for u to mix and match with cool or warm Tone of your outfits. ^^

Come to this beautiful MONOCHROME Sim and take some snap shots and enjoy shopping with your love !

Merry x'mas!!
Babychampagne sass
Realising dream shoes for u

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