Sunday, June 30, 2013

{{Guardian Angle }} fr {{BSD Design studio}} NEW Exclusive original mesh at SL FASHION WEEK NOW !

Dear friends, 

How are you today ? Summer is here , iguess all are out at the beach, have some sunshine, got some ice-cream, enjoy the joyful breezy days, but remember to play safe..

I dont' know if you believe in angels or not, especially when i were a kid, my mom always tell me that each kid has a guardian angel to look after me, when i m up or down, i can talk with him. and pray to him for luck, peace and health etc... so next time, maybe you can talk to your guardian angel. 

also there is a urban legend saying that whenever you accidentally reconized the 1111 elements, that means your guardian angel is looking at you at the moment  lol .... well , then take your time and talk with him for your wishes lol ..... believe it or not .. 

so i have made some creations out of scratch named after the guardian angel , and may him always bring you luck, charm, peace, happiness each day !!  XD 

HAPPY WEEK END ! These are NEW releases EXCLUSIVELY at SL Fashion week opens at 2pmSLT today! < 3 

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