Friday, November 1, 2013

{{Glam Grunge supermodel }} at SL FASHION WEEK new round!

Dear supermodels and freinds

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Boooo i hope u have fun on last halloween nite , well i do lol i was a witch lol but not a wicked one lol

THis week , as usual  on Friday nite, new release from {{BSD Design studio}} original mesh...  i have made the Spiky edgy glam shoes for those supermodels, who enjoy life here , and have great attitude and treat people nice but also have a strong side of character in the inner shelf ! lol  come and get them before they are at FULL price again after one week at mainshop. PROMO.

this {{GLAM gunge }} is a MUST for those Girls who are edgy , COOL, independent, stylish. intellectual and sounds like YOU?? come and get yours lol

this comes with skin hud/ new nail hud.. with 8 colours of modern chic nails colours. and easy to match with skin tone..unless you are a vampire lol  ok.. no more jokes..

so you can come and try the demo at SL FASHION WEEK ==>
<< TELEPORT HERE , click>>

Stay COOL .. and be happy !

Babychampagne sass

The photo is RAW pic on shoes, what u see if what u get,, mmmm i mean even better lol
only touch up on legs and background.

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