Friday, November 8, 2013

{{Post Modernism }} Antelope Version at SL fashion week , 3 new version NOW at SL FASHION WEEK.

Dear supermodels and freinds ,

how r u this week? any good news to share with me ? any bad news?

Life is full of challenge.. .and turn each different corner , u will not know what will be there . Just hang in there and be brave ! Wish you all good health, wealth and most of all , full of love and friends.

This week, FRIDAY sl FASHION week special.. ummmm... i have remodelled some new leathers for the popular shoes {{Post Modernism}} texture baked in 3ds max and maya with v-ray ,with naturla sunlighting as all other shoes EXCLUSIVELY made original mesh from {{BSD Design studio}}.

ummm.... hope u like the new shoes i prepare for u .. and there are 6 more news shoes coming for next 3 events . <3


IN NOV.. we have some big events coming soon .

1- {{ Glam futuristic SLebrity }} designed for the SL celebrity for " DREAMWAYS charity event, { will be available on 11/11)

2-{{Shoe Heaven - Rock start studd boots }} designerd for the Rock stars and DJ in second life at SINGER icon's II event ( will be availble on 11/11)

3- {{ Shoetopia Supermodel}} Designed for the supermodel in SHOETOPIA fair .. opens soon. ( 11/15)

and 2 MORE secrete exciting shoes for the SHOETOPIA > the biggest Original mesh shoe creators event of the year!!! prepared for totally ONE year.<3333 hope to seeu  there.

so , please mark down on your calender and come to enjoy these exciting NEW release soon .
ALSO.. please submit PHOTO with the latest shoe design , for the " IN SEARCH Of supermodels {{BSD Design studio}} , result will be annouced by the end of DEC. winner will be the vendor models.and all the new shoes for the whole year.
submit photos. can be raw pic. and can be photoshopped, the better the way you show the shoes, the better.. and of course with your beautiful face. ( <- tricks to do both is by Sitting pose)
-1024x 1024.
-use recent shoes released within oct and nov, details please see blog or flickr ;
( Except discount shoes and group gifts, any shoes under 250L are not counted) 
-title - In search of  {{BSD Design studio}} supermodel contest 
-photo done by you and not the employed photographer
-clear showing the shoe design without alternation .
- each model can submit no more than 5 times.
- and post on the FLICKR group of BSD Design studio-

prize[ winner of the supermodel]
with the {{BSD Design studio}} supermodel TAG
-30000L cash price
-2 Vendor pics to show at events and mainshop
- ALL year round designs in 2013 dec to 2014 .
-contract of Supermodel {{BSD Design studio}}
- a gift card of 20000L store credits for friends.
( for fairness, all the supermodels in {{BSD Design studio}} group are not eligible to enter)

Requirements  for evaluation-
the artistic ambience of the photo
-the focus on the shoes
-nice presentation, classy and not voilent. and no abscene nudity except artistic representation

--photo chosen will be waived the right and belong to {{BSD Design studio}} as advertising usage and author declare the right and authority to use the photo .
-- Photo chosen will acknowledge photographer/ model's name on the vendors to show appreciation.

--{{BSD Design studio}} reserved all rights to disqualify and take down any photos.

Good luck and let the game begins<333

PS ,,... so honoured to tell you {{BSD Design studio}} will prepare 3 misses of Miss virtual world for this year's gaming competition.
for miss japan MVW 2014
For miss Sweden MVW 2014
and Miss Ireland MVW  2014

stay tuned for more information after this <3

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