Thursday, February 14, 2013

{{Kpacota }} featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} at L'accessoires feb cycle

photographer and designer 
Babychampagne sass

Dear friends and fashionistas !!

we have new round of L 'accessoires, at a NEW sim.

This time the exclusive original mesh creations are inspired by russian beauty at the james bond movie- from russia with love... and named - Kpacota- beauty in russian.

hope u like them. these are hand painted texture with texture baked at 3ds software to protrude realistic skin texture, friends asked me why i show the foot in the pics.. coz' i wanna show them the realistic texture of the hand drawn skin texture , with hud to match skin/ nails. ENJOY !

these are now 30 % off at the L 'accessoires before they hit the main store after the event. grap the chance to find this 3 dymentional creations inspired by russian beauty!

happy valentine's day  <3

( event starts at 2/15 SLT)
 TAXI here :   : NEW L 'accesories EVENT venue

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