Thursday, February 14, 2013

{{Post-modern belt}} fr {{BSD Design Studio}} at SL Fashion week Cycle 5

photographer/ Designer
Babychampagne sass

Hi SL fashion week models, 

Another items created for you to match with your stylish attire. This is rigged-mesh creations, comes with 4 size,s, m,l, xl.... and it moves with your body movement at your catwalk.. no more belt sticking in your skin anymore LOL 

tips; best view of the texture can use, Calwl, windlight setting, with high/ultra setting. Natural sunlight can enhance the leather detail as it is texture baked in 3ds software casting the shadows on the items.

We have 4 colours, velvet black leather, shinning black, shinning silver and vivid orange croco leather. 
HAVE fun styling and being galmarous and fabalous as always ! <3

happy weekend, it is VALENTINE"S DAY!!!!!!! you deserve a shopping spreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .. 

this round cycle 5 SL fashion week, starts at 2/ 15 1pm SLT. 

have fun 

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