Thursday, February 28, 2013

LUCKY charm - featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} at LUCK for Irish Gatcha event

Designer and photographer
Babychampagne sass

Dear friends and fashionistas,
We have the honour be invited to participate in this year's LUCKY of Irish  Gacha event.

SL is a fasinating space to meet all walks of life. and i m so lucky to meet so many different amazing friends from different countries, that's why i have created   " MY national bears ' to show my love to friends with different nations, like bulgaria, japan, spain, portugal, brazil, romania, hong kong, usa  , greece, and many many more, that's y i have created 60  bears with 6 rare bears named } I , LOVE , U " for you to show your love to your beloved friends and lover.  these bears are transferable.  Happy GaCHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
landmark HERE : 

Map with {{BSD Design studio}} 3 locations ;

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