Thursday, August 1, 2013

UNIQUE designs are all HERE in this shop directory {{BSD Design studio}} IS Certified as ORIGINAL MESH creator

Dear friends ,

GOOD NEWS!! {{ BSD Design studio}} is certified as ORIGINAL Mesh creator. if you seek original design and unique design and not from template second life product designs.. Please go to the SLOCCA official blog to see the shop directory and have fun !

Please supprt original content creators .

Here are some answers for your question about SLOCCA.
What is SLOCCA?

SLOCCA Is a group of united shop owners who are SEcond life original content creator,s that means we design everything from scratch with self made 3d products/ mesh from conceptual stage to final producte, sketch --> 3d mesh--> digital painting texturing ---> texture baked in 3d software and upload in second life.
Never use template that can be bought in Marketplace or Never sell stolden products. nor copybot items. THat means what you found in this SHOP , only Sold by the creator  but no one else. so please see the creator names if u come across the same product u found elsewhere instead of the mainshop of the shop owner.

Why support SLOCCA?
CO'z we are original creators, artist, idealist, and like to make second life a more fun and unique experiences. NO one like to have the same dress from hundreds of shops with just the colour difference.
original creations require skills, and time for creating. and we seek interesting creations than same object with 100 colours .

details please see the blog SLOCCA organization official blog;


if you are a creator of origianl 3d mesh and never use template  please join us . IF You are a customer search unique designs and want to be unique and special than the same dress everyone has . Please join us.


Stay cool and Stay beautiful and most of ALL


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